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Interesting Fact About Belgium

“The highest point in Belgium is lower than the world’s tallest building – the Signal de Botrange on the High Fens plateau in far-east Belgium is the highest point at 694m, shorter than the world’s tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa at 828m. Belgium along with the Netherlands and Luxembourg are historically known as the Low Countries.“

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    • There are three official languages in Belgium. Dutch, spoken by just under 60% of the population, mainly by the Flemish to the north in the Flanders area. French is spoken by around 40% of the population and mainly to the south in the Wallonia region. There is a small group of German-speakers in eastern Wallonia.
    • The town of Spa in Belgium is where the word ‘spa’ comes from. People as far back as ancient Roman times used to come to the town to bathe in the famed cold springs for health and healing purposes.
    • Belgium is world-famous for beer. There are over 1100 varieties of beers made in Belgium and the country often produces international award winning varieties.
    • Belgium is world-famous for chocolate. Praline chocolates were invented by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels in 1912. Today, Belgium is the world’s number one exporter of chocolate, with 220,000 tonnes of chocolate produced per year and shops in Brussels international airport are said to sell the most chocolate in the world.
    • Belgium is world-famous for waffles. There are 3 main types of Belgian waffles, the most common is Liege waffles which are eaten like a cookie, Brussels waffles are larger and lighter in color and eaten with toppings such as strawberries or ice cream, while galettes are thin, soft and usually eaten for breakfast with jam.
    • French fries are believed to have been invented in Belgium not France.

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    Attractions in Belgium

    Attractions in Belgium

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    Cities in Belgium

    Cities in Belgium

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    Traditional Food of Belgium

    Traditional Food

    Belgian foods have taken on many influences over the years due to invasions throughout history by Romans, Vikings, Spanish, English and French, all of which have left their mark on the country’s cuisine. There is a much quoted saying that “Belgian food is served with French finese and German generosity!”

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    Traditional Recipes

    Of course the most famous of all of Belgium‘s foods are its wonderful chocolates, but Belgium is about more than just chocolate and here we try to bring you a delicious selection of what Belgium has to offer, get involved and send us your own personal favourites.

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