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Suggested Tours Around Austria

There are many ways to tour a country from taking a Bus Tour, easy as it is all organised for you and you are with a lot of other like-minded people, it is for a specified time and you are free to sit and enjoy the scenery without having to drive yourself, but if this is not for you and you want the freedom to go where you want and stop in places along the way for as long as you want then there are a number of tours that you can take to see the very best of the country you are visiting. Tour by car – stop at hotels along the way , either pre-booked or just find interesting ones where you stop or take a caravan and do the same with a great choice of campsites. See our Campsite pages. Tour by Motorhome – This offers the joyous freedom to stop in any number of interesting places and enjoy the scenery. See our Motorhome Overnight stops in most countries. Tour by Bicycle – When the weather is good then cycling along riversides and through scenic villages just could not get better. See our choice of cycle routes for ideas. Tour by Foot – Walking tours are a wonderful way to really immerse yourself in a country and experience the true traditions and daily life. On our country pages you will find a great selection of ideas for walking and trekking in all sorts of terrains.

Sound of Music Locations

The life of the Trapp Family is inseparably connected with Salzburg and music. Every year nearly 300,000 people travel to Salzburg to visit the places where the Trapp Family lived and the movie locations. The songs from “The Sound of Music” are known around the world.

Sound of Music

Top 10 Places to Visit in Austria

A guide to visiting some of the most wonderfil and amazing places in Austria. Below is a list of ten places in Austria that we would recommend visiting whilst in Austria.

10 Places to Visit in Austria


Many people know and treasure the Schladming-Dachstein Region for its excellent holiday opportunities in winter. The most important natural basis for this is the snow on our pistes and cross-country trails – frozen water, in other words. In summer, visitors have the opportunity to see and experience water in a surprisingly wide number of ways here in the Niedere Tauern and Dachstein mountains: Located in the centre of Austria, with its some 1,000 springs, 300 mountain lakes and 100 waterfalls, this region boasts more bodies of water than perhaps anywhere else in Austria


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