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Motorhome Stops in Austria

Travelling through Austria in your Motorhome is a wonderful way to see the country and sample the way of life enjoyed in Austria.You will find that each region (Regions of Austria:-Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, Kaernten, Steiermark, Niederoesterreich, Oberoesterreich, Burgenland and Vienna)has its own character which will show in its scenery,its food and the Cities within the region.Austria has so much to offer that a trip around the country will certainly not disappoint it will leave you wanting to come back again and again! Here is a list of overnight Camperstops throughout Austria.They vary from Farms and vineyards to Sports Halls and outdoor swimming baths. The list of stops give a good variety of places to stop and to sample life in Austria.Just click on the icon on the map to bring up the name,address,telephone number and web site of the place chosen, it couldn’t be easier.

Reisemobil-Stellplatz, Camperstops, Aree di Sosta, Aires

Reisemobil-Stellplatz, Aree di Sosta, Camperstops, or Aires as they are also commonly called are places set aside, usually by the local authority for the convenience of motorhomes. They provide a place for motorhomes to stay, normally in or very close to the centre of towns. The Aree di Sosta will be cheaper than a campsite, but also with less facilities. All Reisemobil-Stellplatz are different, however they will all (usually) have water for you to fill up your motorhome as well as waste disposal for your toilet and bins. Some of the more modern ones also have electric.

Prices vary for the use of the Aires. We have stayed in Aree di Sosta for as little as a few Euros, very occasionally, we have found a free motorhome stop however they will charge a little extra for the services. We have also stayed in Aires which have cost as much as €20 a night, though this was in Port Grimaud in the South of France. Electric is usually charged by usage on the Aree di Sosta. Water is usually is on a meter and costs around €1 for 100 litres, and the emptying facilities are usually free. Staying in Aree di Sosta, or camperstops or Aires can make a huge difference to the price of your holiday and also give you a very good place to park in the town centres.

Camping Recipes

This page is dedicated to camping recipes, not just for those in tents or out for the week-end, but these are also perfect for motorhome and caravan owners who don’t want to be eating out all the time whilst away or else living on sandwiches. It is nice to eat out and have someone else do the dishes, of course we all like that, but everyday it gets a bit boring and most of all a bit expensive!

Camping Recipes

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