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Innsbruck Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Snazzy, unusual – or wonderfully traditional

Tyrolean handicrafts paired with elegant design: a perfect souvenir

Ranging from sport clothing – practical and chic – to elegant traditional wear and cult glassware: ‘typical’ Tyrolean souvenirs leave barely a wish unfulfilled. We have all the best addresses for visitors wishing to take a piece of their holiday home with them.

Tyrolean handicrafts made of precious materials are on sale in Werner und Brigitte Bliem’s jewelry shop by the Golden Roof, offering hand-made silver featuring a distinctive edelweiss design. The renowned Viennese enamel jewelry manufacturer Frey Wille sells at its Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse boutique jewelry as well as watches, silk shawls, ties and other accessories. The largest selection of traditional local products you find at the Tiroler Heimatwerk, proving that Tyrolean craftsmanship is on par with international modern design. Here you can indulge in high-quality felted or loden cloth, linen and silk materials, admire the colourful traditional costumes, and try to decide whether to take home some table linen, decorative lathe turned pieces, or comfy slippers.

As well as the Heimatwerk, traditional clothing and leather goods shops such as Gössl and Hubertus Moden also specialize in dirndl, traditional costumes and lederhosen. Just a few steps away, Kleidermanufaktur Habsburg uses exquisite cloth to create elegant design, and at the retail shop on the premises of the downtown Trapp Palais you can choose from elegant and trendy country fashion as well as hunting clothes made from loden, leather, wool, silk cashmere and fur. If you are on the look-out for leisure wear and sports equipment, then pay a visit to Sportalm and Sport Einwaller beneath the Old Town arcades, Sportler Witting in Maria-Theresien-Strasse, Sport Wolf in Andreas-Hofer-Strasse or Die Boerse, a specialist shop for ski and snowboard equipment based in Leopoldstrasse.

To get the perfect fit for walking shoes it’s worth paying a visit to Staudinger, a specialist retailer in Innsbruck’s Maximilianstrasse. The staff there will take their time to ensure you make the right choice and will even let potential customers test out their new footwear on a mini-section of scree material. Once you’ve found the right shoes, then all you need now is a proper Tyrolean outfit – and that can be obtained in the Tirol Shop in Maria-Theresien-Strasse that carries sportswear, rucksacks, hats, guidebooks and many other products, all in genuine Tyrolean design.

One of the most important products manufactured in the Tyrol are mouth-blown and cut crystal and glass objects. In addition to Swarovski products, which you will find at the Swarovski Crystal Gallery in Innsbruck’s old town and elsewhere, fine Riedel glassware is also well-known throughout the world. Tyrolglas, based in Innsbruck’s Wilhelm-Greil-Strasse, sell unpretentious but exquisite glasses for optimum drinking pleasure as well as fine glass tableware, vases and china by renowned international brands such as Rosenthal Studio Line, Versace and Sieger by Fürstenberg. Mouth-blown and delicately cut or engraved glass products, traditional alpine ‘Nabelflaschen’ (spirit bottles) together with colourful, trendy art objects are sold at Kisslinger Kristallglas in Kiebachgasse, while attractively painted and cut glasses, jugs, bowls and glass giftware are available from Gläserkastl, on the Domplatz cathedral square.

Both Tiroler Bienenladen in Meranerstrasse and Grüne Erde in Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse specialize in products that bring comfort to body and soul. At Tiroler Bienenladen you find everything associated with bees and honey: Besides alpine rose honey, gingerbread, honey liqueur and schnaps, the shop carries a large variety of pure beeswax candles and honey-based cosmetics. Grüne Erde too offers goodsmade from natural materials, such as beauty products, tea, chocolate, blankets, pillows, glasses, pots and even furniture – environmentally friendly souvenirs that provide comfort and well-being. For more products in the same vein – organically sourced and emanating delicious fragrances – it is well worth heading to the opposite side of the Inn river. Here on Innstrasse 23, Firma Walde, Austria’s oldest soap manufacturing company Walde, one of the country’s most longstanding family enterprises, has recently opened a retail shop. While the company has been producing soap for more than 230 years already, today the range of goods also features cosmetics and organic cleaning products. Beneath ancient vaulted ceilings there is a vast array of exquisite bars of soap on display, including cold-stirred frankincense soap and organic soap made from hemp oil or St. John’s wort oil. The absolute star among Walde’s naturally sourced soaps is the ‘Tiroler Reine’: Combining exquisite ingredients with perfect craftsmanship and carrying fragments of local flora like alpine rose, forget-me-not or cowslip, these masterfully crafted bars make for truly unique souvenirs.

Kunstklause Basilius in Kiebachgasse is the perfect place if you are looking for something artistic, snazzy, or utterly romantic for your house, the garden, the dog or the cat, offering charming metal figures, linen goods and decorative objects. At Studio Tyrler, located on nearby Marktgraben, you can explore the wonderful world of interior design and choose some special gifts from a range of unusual decorative items, as well as attractive cushions, table linens and accessories for kitchen and bathroom. Next door, Betten Tyrler specializes in quality duvets, pillows and sheets for a restful sleep.

At the Jeggle stationery shop on Burggraben the art of writing is celebrated with a large variety of fine writing pads and stylish wrapping paper, fountain pens, greeting cards and gift articles of excellent quality. For some truly unique souvenirs you really ought to drop in at the Grassmayr Bell Foundry. The Grassmayr family has been casting bells since 1599, many of them on display at the museum adjacent to the workshop. Apart from everyday objects made from tin, copper and brass, the on-site museum shop sells tiny tinkling bells, as well as the more resonant cow bells – even fully tuned church-tower bells are available. But think twice about taking along one of the latter as they can weigh up to 10 tonnes!

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