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Pöstlingberg Information, Linz

Visit the hill overlooking Linz. Along with the fantastic view, highlights include the pilgrimage basilica and the underground fairy-tale world of the Grottenbahn.

“Wallfahrtsbasilika” Pöstlingberg

The parish church and pilgrimage basilica “Seven Sorrows of Our Lady” is visible from afar at the highest point on Pöstlingberg and is the landmark of the Upper Austrian capital. The double steeple of the Pöstlingberg Church, finished in 1748, appear to be omnipresent. The spectacular location makes the landmark of Linz a popular church for weddings.

Opening times: daily 8 am. – 6 pm., May – October 7 am. – 8 pm.
(applies also to the nativity scene in the crypt of the church)


In the 19th century fortifications were built around the Pöstlingberg Church. This was the highest point of a belt of towers that Archduke Maximilian Joseph von Österreich-Este had built around the City of Linz.

The parts that are still preserved today determine the character of the ensemble of buildings on Pöstlingberg and house the underground fairy-tale world of the Grottenbahnand the terminal of the mountain railway. The popular view terrace with a magnificent view of Linz was built on one of the towers from these fortifications.

Culture in the Rosegarden

From May to August the Rosegarden on the Linz Pöstlingberg is an enchanting setting for a diverse cultural program. The events take place in a tent with a stage and about 540 seats. During the breaks visitors can enjoy pure nature and a unique view of Linz in the adjacent park.


The Grottenbahn, or “grotto train”, was built as early as 1906 in a former fortification tower on Pöstlingberg, taking small and grown visitors through a colorfully illuminated fairy-tale world.

“Espying Dwarves” in the Grottenbahn

Inside the tower visitors circle around riding a dragon called “Lenzibald”. During the ride on the dragon, miniature scenes from the life of the dwarves are illuminated alternately on the left and the right. The highpoint of the ride is a journey through the magically illuminated grotto when all the dwarf figures can be seen at once.

The Main Square in the Grottenbahn

In the cellar of the tower there is a replica of the Main Square of Linz around the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. Scenes from fairy-tales are found in the side alleyways.

Playground for Young People on Pöstlingberg

With a climbing forest, a crow’s nest with a climbing tower, net bridges, a hammock made of ropes and a treehouse with a lookout, the playground on Pöstlingberg is ideal for playful adventures.

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