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Parks and Gardens in Linz

Recreational areas, parks and the Botanical Garden invite one to linger, making an essential contribution to the quality of living and working in these surroundings. Roughly half the urban area of Linz is green area.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden is located on the hill Bauernberg. In an area of nearly 10 acres, 10,000 different types of plants are displayed, grouped together to form entire landscapes.

The Succulent House is dominated by water-storing plants from Africa, Central and South America, and Mexico. With its unique conservational collection of roughly 1,100 types of cactus, the Botanical Garden is exemplary in Europe.

The Orchid House houses the trademark of the Botanical Garden: the extensive collection of orchids. Rare wild strains and magnificent breeds blossom here all year long.


Volksgarten by Blumauer Platz is one of the oldest parks in Linz, and with over a hundred different types of trees it also has the greatest biodiversity. An expansive children’s playground and an area for chess players make the park a place of recreation for every age group.


With the “City Park” another oasis of green was created in the city center in 2003. This green area covering 10,807 square meters is the second largest city park and an important area of recreation for the residents.

Danube Park

Only a short walk away from the Main Square, the Danube Park extends from the LentosArt Museum Linz to the railway bridge, so that it is the conjoining element of the Culture Mile on the right bank of the Danube. The sculptures of the “forum metall” are also found in the Danube Park. Tip: via the Lentos hotspot you can surf the Internet for free while overlooking the Danube.


The solarCity, an unusual urban expansion project, has been built in the south of the city. At the same time, the small lake Weikerlsee was expanded and a combination of swimming zone and a nature area was created. The adjacent meadows of the Traun are the habitat of a multitude of rare plants and animals.


Work started as early as 1885 on redesigning the sand pits on Bauernberg into a park. The Bauernberg park is one of the most beautiful art nouveau parks in Austria and has been declared a historical monument.


The recreational park Wasserwald in Kleinmünchen with an area of 1.2 million square meters is one of the largest contiguous natural habitats in the city. This expansiveness makes it a kind of magnet for those seeking exercise and well as for those seeking relaxation. It is distinguished by a diversity of types of plants and animals. For ecological reasons, the meadows in the water conservation area are only mowed twice a year. These butterfly meadows are an ideal biotope for insects and other small creatures.

Dauphine Park

An oasis of green extends over 10,600 square meters between Wiener Strasse and Dauphine Strasse, the Dauphine Park. This park is arranged in gentle hills, and its expansive pebble paths and the diversity of plants invite are ideal for taking a walk.

General Hospital Park

For several years now, the park by the Linz General Hospital has no longer been reserved for patients. The park with its magnificent old trees has been opened to the public and even enlarged in the course of renovation work.

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