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Dornbirn Travel Guide

Dornbirn is a city in Vorarlberg, Austria. It is the administrative center of the district (Bezirk) Dornbirn, which also includes the city of Hohenems, and the market town Lustenau.The largest city in Vorarlberg and the tenth largest in all of Austria, Dornbirn is an important commercial and shopping center.Dornbirn is located in western Vorarlberg at 437 meters above sea level in the Rhine Valley, at the foot of the Karren mountain, part of the Bregenzerwaldgebirge mountain chain at the edge of the Eastern Alps. It is near the borders to Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. The Dornbirner Ach river flows through the city and later into Lake Constance.The earliest evidence of human presence in the Dornbirn area can be dated from the Mesolithic era. The name “Dornbirn” derives from ‘torrin puirron’, meaning the ‘Settlement of Torro’ (the name of an Alemannic farmer living there) and thus has nothing to do with “pears” (German “Birnen”), although this fruit is prominently portrayed on the city emblem. This name is mentioned for the first time in 895, in a document from St. Gallen (Switzerland). Dornbirn became part of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1380. In 1793 it was elevated to a market community. It was not given municipal status until 1901. In 1932 the mountain village of Ebnit was annexed. In 1969 Dornbirn became the seat of the new Dornbirn district administrative authority.

Located in the center of the Rhine valley, Dornbirn is an important junction of regional and interregional bus lines, connecting Bregenz to the north, Feldkirch to the south, and the Bregenzerwald to the east. The A14 Rheintal freeway/motorway (Autobahn) passes by to the west. The Achrain tunnel, opened in 2009, directly connects Dornbirn/Haselstauden with the Bregenzerwald – Alberschwende. The city has an excellent network of city buses.Dornbirn’s railway station connects is an important stop for all trains from west to east Austria.A small airport is located at nearby Hohenems.One of the most important sportive institutions in Dornbirn is the RHC Dornbirn, one of the most powerful Austrian Rink Hockey teams.

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Dornbirn Group

Dornbirn City Travel Group

Join a group dedicated to talking and sharing all things Dornbirn. Share experiences, travel photos and dates on upcoming events in the wonderful city of Dornbirn.

Dornbirn Group

Dornbirn Location

The Mohren Brewery

The Mohren brewery has been brewing beer in Dorndirn for more than 175 years and is the oldest brewery in Vorarlberg. It began life as a small inn Brewery and is now one of the most modern breweries in Europe, exporting beers all over the world.It is still managed, today, by a sixth generation of the same family, the family Huber, and the brewery employs over 100 workers within the brewery itself. Mohrenbrau is much loved throughout the region and they consistantly produce top quality beers.


The city museum of Dornbirn is located within a 200 year old house in the city centre. The permament exhibition deals with the history of Dornbirn and it’s inhabitants. Here you will find local pictures and photographic collections showing life in Dornbirn over the years. There are also exhibitions from Dornbirn’s past with the textile industry. There are also special exhibitions of different interests, the details can be found on the museums website.

The Crib Museum

This began as an idea back in 1982 when a trip to Italy, to visit a crib museum there was undertaken by members of a group of friends from Dornbirn. The search for figures from all over the world began. In 1995 with 120 crib figures to call their own the search for premises began, where would the crib museum go? In Gütle they found an old stable and in May 2002 work began on the restoration of the 145 year old building, and on the 1st May 2003 the doors of the crib museum opened it’s door to the public. In the museum you will find 100-120 cribs and figures from all over the world. The museum also has a shop from which you can purchase your own cribs and figures, all are hand crafted and, therefore each piece is unique.

The Rolls Royce Museum

There is the largest Rolls Royce museum in the world. It is housed in an old spinning mill, which was built in 1862. The Museum itself was opened in May 1999, and is spread over three storeys with an exhibition area of around 3,000 sq.m. There is a workshop, on the ground floor, where all the restorations take place, and you can discover technical details. The first floor houses 20 of the most famous Rolls-Royces, some of these belonged to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, King George V and Sir Malcolm Campbell and also some of the exhibition models of the Rolls-Royce Company. On the second floor are smaller exhibits,with pictures and motorbikes.

Ölz Bakery

The Ölz bakery in Dornbirn was founded in 1938 by Rodolph Ölz. The small family run business has grown so much over the years that it is now one of Europe’s leading manufactures of baked goods. They have a range of over 100 products from a large selection of breads to delicate pastries and mouthwatering cakes.The famous Ölz zopfbrot can be now found in countries all over europe as well as the individual linzer torte, which have even been sourced as far abroad as England. The Business is still in the hands of the Ölz family and a walk past the large new factory on the edge of the Dornbirner Ach, will tempt you with the wonderful aroma of fresh baking.

Discover Bregenz

A Guide to Bregenz

Bregenz is the capital city of Vorarlberg, Austria. Bregenz lies on the shores of Lake Constance, locally known as the Bodensee which is bordered by Austria, Switzerland and Germany

Discover Bregenz

The Rotes House

Next to the Church of St.Martin in the city centre is the Rotes Haus. Built in 1639 by Michael Danner and his wife Verena, born Rhomberg, it was a residential house and a guest house. The building is listed and has been one of the most beautiful Rhine Valley houses for decades. It is rich with colourful paintings, household objects, traditional beams and real ovens and the beautifully, ornate exterior is instantly recognisable. The Building was restored in 1954 and is now a popular venue for functions and for that special meal out with family and friends. whether you pop in for a drink or sit outside in the summer months and enjoy a delicious ice cream, the history of the Rotes Haus is all around you.


This large, modern indoor Shopping complex is the number one shoping centre in Vorarlberg. It houses 65 shops offering fashion, gifts, florists, beauty, children’s goods, food, books and electrical goods. There are also 8 eating establishments with an excellent variety of food and drink to be had, whether you are looking for a nourishing meal or a mouthwatering cake with your coffee, the choices are endless. There is ample parking and access to the centre is easy either from the city centre or from the motorway which runs past. Check out on their website for special events which are regularly held here from fashion shows to childrens entertainers, the Messepark has it all.

Camping der Enz

This lovely campite is situated in a quiet, wooded area just a walk from the town centre. rom the campsite you can see the cable cars on their way up to nearby Karen, where there is a panorama restaurant overlooking Dornbirn and across as far as Switzerland, Germany and the Bodensee. In the other direction from the campsite there is the forest swimming baths with it’s olympic sized swimming pool,water slide, children’s areas and restaurant. Walking past the swimming baths you will reach Gütle and the Rappenlochschlucht (Gorge). From the campsite it is easy to access all the local atractions, even the buses stop just a short walk from the entrance. The site itself is immaculate and well looked after, with the showers, toilets and washin facilities cleaned thoroughly every day; The small Bar/Restaurant offers very friendly service and even the local peole stop off to enjoy a drink at the small outdoor seating area in the summer.

Official Website http://www.camping-enz.at/

Original Christmas baking recipes

Traditional Speciality Christmas baking recipes from the City of Dornbirn Vorarlberg Austria , these are recipes which have been handed through generations. Frau Anna Maria Wehinger held a cookery school at the turn of the last century and wrote her first cookery book containing 181 recipes, this, she later expanded on and in 1924, two years after her death her son brought out a cook book containg 1000 recipes, this was a best-seller .

Dornbirn Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Dornbirn enchants its visitors with its traditional charm, it is set in the heart of this “Garden-Town” in front of the distinctive facade of the church of St Martin. Next to the church is one of Dornbirn’s oldest buildings the “Rotes Haus” (Red House) and there are numerous shops and restaurants around The mountains surrounding the town are snow-capped in winter and ad to the traditional charm.

Dornbirn Christmas Market

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