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There are numerous opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts in Australia, the coast brings the chance to make the most of the wonderful beaches and all the water sports you can think of. Further inland, the fast-flowing rivers bring an exciting opportunity to go white water rafting for daring thrill-seekers. The wonderful landscape is a joy to take long walks or cycling trips, and the mountains offer snow covered slopes for skiing enthusiasts. In fact Australia offers outdoor activities for every taste and age.


surfing, Australia

When thinking of outdoor activities in Australia surfing is the first thing that springs to most peoples minds, and although, yes, the surfing is great, there are many other great opportunities on offer in this wonderfully diverse land. The amazing, beautiful beaches are the ideal place to sit and watch the surfers and pick up a few tips before you have a go yourself. If you are travelling to Australia to go surfing make sure you choose the East, South or West coast beaches as there is no surfing in the north due to the seawater crocodiles and the stinging jellyfish. The biggest crowds are in the east, in places such as Kirra and Burleigh Head, and has been the traing ground for past world champions. There are a lot of large waves along this coast with the summer cyclone season being the one everyone looks forward to, as the large swells can last for days.

If you are still learning then perhaps it would be better to find somewhere a little quieter, but great if you are a spectator! Unlike the warm waters off the east coast, the south coast sea temperature is cold all year round, so you will need to take a wet suit. There are plenty of lovely beaches and it is the place to head for if you are looking for that BIG wave, here they can be 20 plus! The west coast is less crowded than the east coast but popular spots such as around Perth can still get busy. The south west beaches see some very powerful waves and this is where you will find some of the most experienced surfers, travelling further north along the coast you will leave the crowds behind and there will be conditions suited to beginers and experienced surfers alike.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Australia

For those who long to go Scuba diving and experience the silent underwater world and see what lies beneath the waves, then where better to go than Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is australia’s biggest dive draw and visitors can dive on the shallow inner reef or shore dives from one of the islands, there is also the wreck of the S.S.Yongala which has become a haven for sealife. The east coast of Queensland has Australia’s best known dive sites and is the busiest with tropical reef diving. The warm waters and clear underwater conditions of the north coast are also drawing many more visitors for the diving. There is a mixture of tropical and temperate species to be seen. Dolphin sightings are also common and also whales between May and October.For the very daring, there are also opportunities in south Australia,from Port Lincoln, to cage dive and view great white sharks!

White Water Rafting

White water rafting

White water rafting is packed full of thrills and the Tully River, situated within the Cassowary Region of North Queensland, is the most famous destination and the Barron River located just outside Cairns offers amazing rapids all through it’s course, as it passes through the tropical rainforests and breathtaking beauty of the landscape.

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