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Andorra preserves the customs and traditions that our predecessors preserved century by century and which we have as a legacy today. Andorran folklore is shown in the dances and the popular festivals which follow each other throughout the year, as well as the main religious celebrations such as the Canòlich procession the last Saturday in May and the feast of Our Lady of Meritxell, the patron saint of Andorra, on 8th September. These celebrations are a unique opportunity to see the great variety of fun and leisure activities and events in the country. The Andorran relief is mountainous, with 72 peaks, some over 2000 m high, which makes Andorra one of the highest countries in Europe. The highest point in the territory is the Comapedrosa peak (2,942 m)and the lowest point is where the river Runer crosses the frontier with Spain (838 m). The average altitude is 1,996 m. The quaternary origin of the Andorran land is revealed by the routes of the main river axes in the country: the Valira del Nord, the Valira d’Orient and the Gran Valira. These rivers are joined by other tributaries, where the main towns are located. The lakes, mainly small and round, form part of the scenery of Andorra. Andorra has more than 70 lakes, the largest of which is the Juclar, which occupies an area of 21,3 ha, although other well-known lakes are Tristaina and Pessons, amongst others. The Andorran climate is of Mediterranean mountainous type, with hot summers and cold winters and considerable snowfalls. The average minimum is -2ºC and the maximum 24ºC. Snowfalls are frequent and the rain is concentrated mainly in the months of October and May. Andorran biodiversity is very rich, with more than 1,500 species of flora and fauna spread mainly in the four zones: Mediterranean, montane, sub Alpine and Alpine. Of all the vegetable species, one stands out, the Poet’s “La Grandalla” (Narcissus poeticus), the emblematic flower of the Principality; amongst the fauna, the two most representative animals are the river trout and the chamois, which live at the highest points.


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Andorrans are a minority in their own country. An estimated two thirds of the Andorran population is without Andorran nationality. They are not allowed to vote or to be elected as the president.”

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