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Traditional English Recipes

Recipes from England, many of which are world-famous and justifiably so, are hearty and delicious. Who has not heard of Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings? or Fish and Chips? but the list goes on….. and with many varied deserts , puddings and cakes of which any cook can be proud to produce. But English recipes are not just about traditional English foods, nowadays world-wide influences have played a great part in introducing new flavours and tastes into the English household. Here we try and bring you a selection, but we would also like to invite you to send in your favourite recipes to share with others, we look forward to hearing about some of the old recipes that are making a revival, do you know of any?

The recipes on these pages have either been made by ourselves or sent in by you the readers of our website. Lets try and share recipes from around England, and all the different regions for all to enjoy and experience

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