There are basically two categories of beer: lagers and ales. Lagers use lager yeast and ferment at cool temperatures. They tend to be clearer, lighter in body and colour, and lower in alcohol, ranging between 3.2 and 4.0 percent alcohol by weight.. Ales use ale yeast and ferment at warmer temperatures, then age for a short time. They tend to be less carbonated, fuller bodied. Some may have a higher alcohol content than lagers.


Pilsner. Pilsner is a beer made from neutral and hard water, now the basic requirement for all lagers and ales. Pilsners tend to be pale, golden hued, and effervescent, with a dry, crisp, and somewhat more bitter flavour.
Light: A light lager means one that is light in colour.. Made with a reduced amount of malt and grain, the alcohol content is slightly less than that of regular beer.
Dark: These chocolate-brown beer are richer, maltier, sweeter, and fuller in body than pale lagers. Dark lager is coloured and flavoured with roasted barley or malt.


Brown: This dark ale has a copper or ruby colour, a full body, and a medium sweet flavour.
Porter: Typically dark and full bodied, porter has a mild hops taste and a bittersweet chocolate flavour that comes from roasted barley or barley malt.
Stout: This is a type of porter ale. Stout ale is darker, fuller bodied, maltier, and hoppier than other ales.
Bitter:The Bitter style came from brewers who wanted to differentiate these ales from other mild brews, enter pale malts and more hops. Most are gold to copper in colour and are light bodied. . Hop bitterness is moderate to assertive. Most have a fruitiness in the aroma and flavour, diacetyl can also be present. These are traditionally served cask conditioned, but many breweries have bottled versions.


Cider has long been a popular drink and in particular Somerset cider .The soil and climate of Somerset are as important to cider production as it is in winemaking.The popularity of Cider can be dated back to Norman times. In the late 1800’s there were 24,000 acres of cider orchards , but sadly the decline in popularity of cider brought the numbers down. However, over the last twenty years, cider has been enjoying a come back and has become fashionable and many of the original cider orchards have been restored and pubs and restaurants offer a wide variety of ciders, mainly the smooth, sweet commercial ciders. In the olde worlde pubs and inns you will find “Scrumpy” on offer, which is a true farmhouse cider made from original cider apples. These are pressed and matured in barrels as they were in days gone by. Scrumpy is somewhat cloudy and has a strong apple taste. Especially delicious served cold on a hot summers day.

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