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National Showcaves Centre

The river Llynfell emerging from a cave at the base of the cliffs at Dan-yr-Ogof farm has always been known. In 1912 Tommy and Jeff Morgan had the courage to explore the cave. They used only candles to light their way and arrows in the sand to find their way back. They discovered a wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites, but they were prevented from penetrating far into the mountain by a lake. Undeterred they returned, this time with coracles. A coracle is a traditional one man fishing boat found on the rivers of West Wales. They crossed not one lake but four. They discovered more magnificent passages and chambers, but again the way on was denied them. This time it was a tight crawl.

This crawl was not passed until 1963 when Eileen Davies, a local girl and member of the South Wales Caving Club struggled through it. She and others have now found over 10 miles of unique cave. Cavers believe that this is the tip of the iceberg and that there is still much to discover. The journey through Dan-yr-Ogof is an experience you will never forget.

Official Website : http://www.showcaves.co.uk/

Discover the three different caves

  • Dan-yr-Ogof
  • Cathedral Cave
  • Bone Cave

The Dinosaurs

65 million years ago the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth after 165 million years of domination . Was it a gigantic meteor that created a blanket of dust over the world which changed the environment from one friendly to dinosaurs to a hostile one? Or was it some other cause? Will we ever know for certain. Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures that came in all shapes and sizes. We have one of the world’s largest collections of life-sized dinosaur models, ranging from the ever popular Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurs, to the lesser-known Tsintaosaurus. There are over 200 models here – will you find your favourite dinosaur on your visit? At the National Showcaves Centre for Wales, we have created One of the World’s largest dinosaur parks.

Iron Age village

Our ancestors were first farming here at Dan yr Ogof over 3000 years ago during the bronze age. We have constructed a farm from a different period known as the Iron Age. A period that covers the 700 years before the birth of Christ to show you how people lived and farmed during this time. They used local raw materials to build their homes. Tree trunks for the main frame. This they roofed with straw, bracken, heather or turf. They kept their animals close at hand to protect them from predators such as wolves. They preserved their grain in deep pits lined with reeds and capped with a wooden lid. They liked their pint of beer which they brewed from barley.

Shire Horse Centre

Over 70 million years ago the first horses appeared on earth. Believe it or not, they were the size of terrier dogs. As time passed two types of horses evolved. One was the slender racing horse with which we are familiar today. The other was the large heavy work and war horse. These massive creatures at one time carried knights in armour and were the front line in set battle pieces. Imagine the terror of the enemy when confronted with a charge of horses each twice the size of any thing we see today. Shire horses were the horse power of the recent past. Without them there would have been little industrial development and no incredible battles. They are a proud breed of animal, which should never be forgotten – the foundation of our prosperity today.

Mr Morgans Farm

The farm is an open area where you can go walkabout with the animals. You can make friends with our Shetland Ponies, Alpacas, Cows, Chickens, Rabbits, Donkeys, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Ducks and Geese. Farming, and life in this valley has changed dramatically over the past 100 years. A full size reconstruction of life in these parts 80 to 100 years ago will show you what it was like to live in those more leisurely times. Meet Twm, our talking sheep dog. See Tommy Morgan in his Victorian Kitchen and Dai our blacksmith. Learn about hard working Megan

Also Available is a Play Barn for the kids, a Museum where you can read about the different rocks found at the mines as well as different dinosaurs. This leads out to the Store where you can make your routine purchasers, such as teddies, postcards and rock. Also on site, their are Stone Circles. Discover exactly what they were used for, and when. Sit and eat at the luxury restaurant or have a relaxing drink at the cafe while the kids search for Gold at the water wheel.


  • The National Showcaves Centre for Wales
    SA9 1GJ

By telephone:
01639 730 284

By email:

Opening Times

We are open 7 days a week from Tuesday April 1st until Sunday 2nd November 2014.

We open at 10am, with tickets available throughout the day until 3.00pm – this is the last entry time into the visitor attraction. (This time may vary in the high season, please telephone for precise information – 01639 730 284.)

We also open during December for our Father Christmas experience, and for the February half term weeks starting Sunday 16th up to and including Sunday 2nd March 2014, – 01639 730 284).

Official Websitehttp://www.showcaves.co.uk/

The National Show Caves, are much more than just a day out. It is an enjoyable learning experience for all the family!

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