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Paignton Zoo, Devon

Paignton Zoo Enviromental Park is located in Paignton, Devon on the Southwest coast of England. Over half a million visitors come to this beautiful zoo and botanic garden every year. The zoo has a collection of around 2,000 animals of nearly 300 species, and cultivates around 1,600 varieties of plants. The zoo is a great family day out and there is plenty to keep the kids occupied as well as being an education in learning about the animals of the world. See them all – giraffes, lions, gorillas, cheetahs and thrilling crocodiles, plus our cheeky meerkats, colourful snakes and amazing monkeys. There are also indoor play areas, the Jungle Express train and uniquely, six habitats that mimic the animals’ natural environment. The animals are housed in themed buildings around the zoo and the interiors are designed to represent their natural habitat, these areas are as follows:-

Desert House, a glasshouse containing varieties of cacti and desert plants. Animals in here include red-billed quelea, gila monsters, superb starlings, pancake tortoises, Guinea pigs and free-flying Princess of Wales parakeets, as well as a real termite mound.

Tropical Forest House, contains animals from the tropical rainforests, mainjly reptiles and amphinians. . These include Burmese pythons, Cuban crocodiles, boa constrictors,matamata turtles, dwarf caimans, green anacondas, tokay geckos and several species of poison dart frog.

Forest Animals contains a natural habitat of trees and plants and is occupied by Asian lions, Sumatran tigers, red ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, Bornean orangutans, great grey owls, wreathed hornbills, golden pheasants, western lowland gorillas, white-faced saki monkeys, Socorro doves, southern cassowary, bongo and lar gibbons.

Wetlands Birds, the moats surrounding the zoo’s monkey islands are home to several species of waterfowl, these include dalmatian pelicans, Marabou storks and several different species of ducks and geese such as Mandarin ducks, common shelducks and barnacle geese. Other waterfowl in the zoo’s collection include Chilean flamingos, scarlet ibis and little egrets.

Savannah Animals is mainly home to animals from the African savannah, but it is also inhabited by animals from other continents that live in similarly dry grasslands. Here you will find ostriches, Hartmann’s mountain zebras, cheetahs, red river hogs, Rothschild’s giraffes, African elephants, Barbary sheep andblack rhinoceros from Africa. Animals from other continents include maned wolves, Bactrian camels, mishmi takin and collared peccaries.

Garden themes and plant collections include a broad collection of temperate hardy trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants arranged by habitat type, Collection of naturally occurring taxa of the genus Buddleja, A number of themed garden areas: Mediterranean Climatic Gardens, Medicinal Garden, Economic Garden, Tropical House, Sub-Tropical House, Desert House, Wildlife Garden and the first public vertical hydroponic display house.

Annual Membership
By becoming an Annual Member of the zoo you will be supporting the vital conservation work that is done, as well as having the opportunity to visit as often as you like.

Animal Adoptions and Experiences

Paignton Zoo is open daily (except Christmas day) from 10.00 a.m. Closing times vary throughout the season, so please check before each visit.

Accessability for wheelchair users and pushchairs

Paignton Zoo is located on the A3022 Totnes Road, 1 mile from Paignton town centre. Once in Paignton follow the brown tourist signs marked with an elephant and Zoological Gardens. The Zoo is situated near to Morrisons supermarket. The postcode is TQ4 7EU.

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