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Formby and the Red Squirrel Sanctuary

Glorious beach with dramatic sand dunes, surrounded by sweeping coastal pinewoods

Red squirrels, natterjacks, prehistoric footprints and miles of coastal walks are just waiting to be discovered – part of Formby’s amazing and ever changing landscape.

Enjoy breathtaking sea views or a picnic; head out on a bracing coastal walk or find out about Formby’s fascinating coastal history with links to asparagus growing and the early days of aviation.

Whether you want to walk, run or ride there’s something for everyone at Formby, the perfect place to get outdoors and active.

The famous red squirrel at Formby was under threat a couple of years ago but is now fighting back.

In 2008, the population was decimated by Top Tips for Squirrel Spotting squirrel pox and approximately 80% of the squirrels were lost. The last known case of squirrel pox in Formby was on 22nd December 2008. Since then there has been a steady recovery, and it is once again possible for visitors to enjoy seeing red squirrels at Formby. Squirrel feeders are now being regularly used by red squirrels around Squirrel Walk.

Official Website : www.nationaltrust.org.uk/formby

Top Tips for Squirrel Spotting

Early morning is the best time to see squirrels. They take their first feed of the day, but can be seen at any time of day and at any time of year. They prefer average weather and may stay in their drey if it’s too windy, wet or hot.
Squirrels spend most of their time in the tree tops. You know you’re in the right spot if you see individual pine scales falling from the trees as they strip pine cones to eat the seeds. Look for chewed and stripped pine cones on the ground a sure sign of squirrel feeding.
Keep quiet: Squirrels can be curious, but they are easily frightened and will freeze or hide if scared by noise. Listen: You may hear squirrels as they run up and down trees, chew on pine cones or chatter in the tree tops. Watch: Look for movement in the trees, maybe a bouncing branch or the flick of a tail round a tree trunk. Wait: Stand still or sit down. Take time to check your area.

Don’t miss

  • Investigate the beach for prehistoric footprints
  • Follow the Red Squirrel Walk and count how many you see!
  • Watch wading birds on the shoreline
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a dune tiger beetle
  • Support a centuries old tradition; buy a bunch of Formby Asparagus from nearby Larkhill Farm

Award winning asparagus has been grown in the sand dunes at Formby since the 1800’s by local farmers. Around 200 acres were leveled by hand to create the fields and 10 acres are still used to grow asparagus today.

Facilities & access

  • Baby-changing facilities
  • 3 picnic areas are easily accessible for families
  • Dog free picnic area available
  • Pushchair accessible paths through some woodlands
  • Mobility car park spaces in woodlands and main car park
  • Mobility toilet facilities; accessible by RADAR key
  • Braille and large print guides available
  • Accessible paths in some woodlands
  • The beach can only be accessed over the sand dunes

For further information visit:- nationaltrust.org.uk/formby

Information courtesy of The National Trust

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