Gastronomy in Zürich

A visit to Zürich means you will experience the finest culinary highlights. The selection ranges from outstanding gourmet restaurants and traditional guild houses with eventful histories to gastronomy hidden behind former factory walls, dining surrounded by nature and sweet treats to snack on.

Time-Honored Treats in This Gourmet’s Paradise Zürich’s restaurant scene is just as diverse as the city itself. Innovative ideas are instantly turned into reality here. The first vegetarian restaurant in Europe was opened in Zürich, as well as the world’s first and often imitated “restaurant in the dark”, where blind and visually impaired people serve culinary delights in a fascinating setting of complete darkness.

A number of guild houses from the trade guilds that governed Zürich from the 14th to the 18th century are restaurants today and famous for their Zürich specialties prepared in a classic style. Could a plate of “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” sliced veal taste better anywhere else than in a magnificent guildhall with a long and eventful history behind it, such as the Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten or the Zunfthaus zur Waag? Hearty cuisine in an authentic atmosphere characterizes the Zeughauskeller at Paradeplatz and the Johanniter in the Old Town. World travelers who want to enjoy typical Swiss recipes such as fondue, a “Raclette” cheese dish or “Rösti” potato pancakes will find what they are looking for in Zürich, whether it be in an authentic cozy restaurant or at a table outdoors in the summer, where the pulsating city life is included at no extra charge. Further opportunities to dine well can also be found at Le Dézaley, at the Walliser Kanne and at Restaurant Chäsalp.

In Zürich’s former industrial districts, creative culinary experts have made good use of the space in empty factories to implement their innovative ideas. Old and new are blended behind the aged walls in a remarkable way. Industrial charm meets contemporary design, and cuisines from all over the world are sure to please your palate.

The Gnüsserei is situated in a former foundry hall in the trendy Zürich-West district. A 100- year-old oven sits in the center of the restaurant. The historic “Schiffbauhalle” former shipbuilding yard forms a grandiose backdrop for Restaurant La Salle, while Les Halles, situated in an old warehouse, wins points with its “Peugeot Bar” and the integrated market hall of a bulk grocery store. Restaurant Rüsterei is located on the premises of the former Sihlcity paper factory, and remnants of the factory such as the 180-foot-high chimney and the pillars reaching to the ceiling lend the restaurant an extra special flair. At Juan Costa, on the Hürlimann premises where beer was once brewed, you can now savor irresistible tapas

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (sliced veal)

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is a traditional meat specialty which is just as much part of Zürich as the twin towers of the Grossmünster Church. The dish is very popular with both the city’s residents and with guests and should therefore not be missed. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes was first mentioned in a 1947 cookbook, although recipes for sliced veal were already known in the Alpine region in the nineteenth century. The dish consists mainly of veal, white wine, and cream, but is now cooked with mushrooms and calves’ kidneys. Rösti are usually served as an accompaniment. Rösti are grated potatoes fried in a pan to form a tortilla. The potato tortilla is bound by the starch contained in the potatoes.

Taste Sensations in an Idyllic Setting

At the countless outdoor restaurants in Zürich, you will experience a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Garden terraces with breathtaking views of the city and Lake Zürich or restaurants directly on the water invite you to take a seat on warm summer days. Lake Side occupies one of the most beautiful spots by the lake, and fish and shellfish feature prominently on the menu. At Acqua and in the Sonnengallerie, you can enjoy lake breezesand a gorgeous Alpine panorama in addition to delicious dishes. The Rôtisserie at Hotel Storchen sits right on the banks of the River Limmat and offers a fantastic view of Grossmünster Church. The picturesque Old Town is home to numerous eateries with romantic inner courtyards where the spreading, leafy trees make you feel like you are in paradise on balmy summer evenings – in the middle of nature while still in the heart of the city. Life always tends to migrate outdoors in the summer months, and a quarter of Zürich’s restaurants expand their hospitality with tables set out under an open sky.

Culinary Artistry at Its Finest for Discerning Palates

Welcome to gourmet paradise. More than 40 restaurants in Zürich have been awarded Gault Millau points and are among the best restaurants in Switzerland. Top chefs in this city on the River Limmat consider haute cuisine to be an art form that continually spurs them on to greater achievements. Each one has a signature method of cooking, yet each is similar in terms of creativity, their demand for perfection and their attention to detail. Their workshops are the epitome of culinary luxury with splendid dining rooms, impeccable service, first-class wine lists and experienced sommeliers. Whoever dines in these top restaurants will be extremely impressed by the high degree of culinary artistry and the extraordinary creations they encounter. At The Dolder Grand, chef Heiko Nieder has been awarded 17 Gault Millau points and 2 Michelin stars. The food prepared by Jacky Donatz at Restaurant Sonnenberg high above the city’s rooftops is also popular among connoisseurs of fine cuisine. On Zürichberg, Julia and Christian Nickel welcome their guests to Restaurant Spice with its gourmet creations and lovely view. In the “Kreis 6” city district, cuisinier Marcus G. Lindner with his 18 Gault Millau points composes masterpieces for the palate at Restaurant Mesa – his greatest menu is called “Symphony for the Senses.” At Bianchi on Limmatquai, you can enjoy exquisite fish cuisine. The creations of head chef Laurent Eperon at Le Pavillon in the 5-star Hotel Baur au Lac are characterized by a fresh, dynamic and modern style. “Contemporary fine dining” is his light, open interpretation of classic haute cuisine. In charge of the kitchen at Restaurant Helvetia, the award-winning and ambitious Françoise Wicki thrills guests with regional, market-fresh cuisine, and at Widder Restaurant, Alexander Kroll will spoil you with aromatic dishes served in the elegant ambience of this 5-star hotel of the same name.

Discover the Sweet Side of Life

Your sweet tooth will be utterly satisfied in Zürich’s stylish cafés. Confiserie Sprüngli tempts you with delicate Luxemburgerli macaroons and truffles that will melt on your tongue. At Café Schober, handmade chocolates and pastries invite you to sit and stay a while. The name says it all at Cakefriends, where freshly baked cakes in a cozy atmosphere are the hallmark of this café at Bellevue. Berner Da Noi is famous throughout the city for its “Wähen” sweet and savory tarts and Café Felix wins points for its sumptuous rooms and decadent hot chocolate. TeeCafé Schwarzenbach also features a colonial grocery store by the same name. Its in-house coffee roastery guarantees ultimate coffee-drinking pleasure. At Café Wühre and the Rathaus Café, you can take in the view of the River Limmat and the Old Town while sipping a cappuccino. It is no great struggle to interrupt your stroll through the picturesque city streets for an espresso and something sweet at Gran Café Motta on Limmatquai, designed by star architect Tilla Theus.

Dining Times In Zürich, people dine out comparatively early. Restaurants are usually well filled at midday between 12 noon and 1 pm, and in the evening between 7 pm and 8 pm. A reservation is recommended to ensure you will find a table. Hot meals are normally served between 11 am and 2 pm, and between 6 pm and 10:30 pm.

The information on our Zurich pages has been compiled with the help of Zurich Tourismus – ”http://www.zuerich.com” – to ensure quality, up-to-date information on the wonderful city of Zurich Switzerland.

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