Driving Laws in Sweden

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Rules of the Road

Traffic travels on the right and trams are to be passed on the right. You should signal a clear road ahead for people passing you by turning on your right directional.


Most fuel stations open from 7am to 10pm. Automatic pump, marked “sedel automat,” operate after business hours and accept paper money.


There are no toll highways in Sweden.


Most Swedish cities operate on both metered on-street parking and timed ticket machines from 8am to 6pm. On street parking usually takes place on the right side of the road only. Sweden imposes incredibly high fines for parking violations.


Motorists in Sweden are required by law to have their seatbelts fastened. Wherever you are sitting in a car or truck, you seatbelt must be fastened. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that all passengers younger then 15 years of age have their seatbelts fastened. If you are travelling in a bus fitted with seatbelts, you must use yours.

Children in the car

Children who are less than 135 cm (4 ft 6 in) tall must use special safety devices while travelling in a car. These may be a baby seat, child seat, seatbelt seat or seatbelt cushion, and the protection used must be suitable for the child’s height. The safety device should be used instead of or together with the seatbelt, and must be fitted in accordance with the instructions. A child must never sit in a place in which the car is fitted with an active airbag.

Cycling helmet

Children younger than 15 years of age are required by law to wear a cycling helmet when cycling in Sweden. The law applies regardless of whether children cycle on their own or are carried on a bike or a bicycle trailer.If you carry a child on the bike, you are responsible for ensuring that the child wears a helmet.

Speed limits

Speed limits between 30 km/h and 110 km/h are operative in Sweden. ( There are talks to raise the limit to 120 km/h ).You must always adjust your speed to suit the weather and road conditions. Cameras are installed on many roads to remind motorists not to exceed the speed limit. If you do and are stopped by the police, you will have to pay a fine. You may even lose your licence if you are caught speeding.

The speed limits are often set in view of animal crossing on highways and larger roads outside urban areas.

  • Absolute top speed on Swedish highways, is 110 km/h (~67 m/h)
  • Absolute top speed, on other roads, is 90 km/h (~55 m/h)
  • When driving a caravan, the absolute top speed is 80 km/h (~50 m/h) on highways, as well as on other roads.
  • In cities and villages the top speed is 50 km/h (~30 m/h).
  • Around schools and daycare centers the top speed is 30 km/h (~18 m/h)

Drinking and driving

The drinking and driving laws are very strict in Sweden. The limits for being under the influence of alcohol in Sweden is 0.02 percent of alcohol in the blood. If you are found by the police to have more than 0.02 percent of alcohol in your blood, you may be fined, may lose your driving licence or may receive a prison sentence. The police have the right to test you to find out whether you had been drinking alcohol, even if they have no reason to suspect that you have done so.

Owning a vehicle

You must have vehicle insurance if you have a moped, car, motorcycle, truck or bus that will be used on the roads. You must also pay vehicle tax. If you own a vehicle, you must have it inspected by a Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company (Svensk Bilpovning). When you buy or sell a vehicle, you must notify the National Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket). If you want to buy a car and have no Swedish civic registration number, you can apply to the National Swedish Road Administration for a “coordination number”.


You must equip your vehicles with winter tyres from 1 December to 31 March if the roads are slippery or snowy. Winter tyres may be studded or not studded. If you have studded tyres, you may use them from 1 October to 30 April, or as long as the roads are slippery.

Dipped beam

When driving in Sweden, your headlights must always be switched on and on dipped beam, even in daytime.

Driving licence

To have a driving licence in Sweden, you must have passed a driving test. The driving test is in two parts – a theoretical test and a driving test. If you have a driving licence from some other country, it will be valid in Sweden for a certain period of time. If you contravene Swedish traffic rules, the police or the county administrative board can take away our driving licence, even if it is a foreign driving licence.

Traffic rules

If you contravene the Swedish traffic rules, you may be fined.

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