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Outdoor Activities in Poland


Outdoor activities in Poland include skiing and Southern Poland provides very good skiing conditions – well prepared slopes, equipment rental, skiing schools and almost everything you need to have a satisfying ski break. Polish ski resorts are becoming very popular among skiers from European countries, because of increasing quality and lower prices in comparison with Alpine resorts. When considering a skiing holiday, most people automatically think about France, Italy or Switzerland however Poland has some of the finest skiing resorts in Europe.Whether your a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier, Poland will cater to your every need.

The Tatra Mountains, Tatras or Tatra, constitute a mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. It is here that you will find Poland’s ski resorts, the most well known resort being Zakopane, the Winter Capital of Poland. The Polish mountains include a wide variety of resorts – from bustling fashionable towns such as Zakopane to smaller, atmospheric villages. You can also choose from a whole range of slopes equipped with modern facilities, accessible for experienced skiers and beginners. In the west, on the Czech border, are the Karkonosze (max. 1,600 metres) and the picturesque ski resorts of Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba. Right in the middle is the Beskid (max. 1,200 metres) and three ski resorts especially popular among skiers: Szczyrk, Wisla and Ustron. Further to the east, on the border with Slovakia, is the High Tatra Mountains (max. 2,400 metres) with the best-known town of Zakopane – the winter capital of Poland. This lovely little town is extremely busy in the winter, with a fun centre and easy access to the ski lifts in Butorowy Wierch, Kasprowy Wierch, and Nosal.


Zakopane “Nosal” Ski Slope in Zakopane – A town famous not only for its magnificent architecture and landscapes, but also for great prepared slopes with good skiing conditions, professional skiing schools and safe ski lifts. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a true skiing master, in the capital of Tatra Moutains you’ll surely find something suitable for you.

Poronin Chair Lift in Poronin – village situated 6 kilometers from Zakopane city center. During winter season one of the most popular ski resorts. It provides 5 slopes which are illuminated and artificially snowed. We can find here trials for beginners and advanced skiers as well as all facilities needed to have pleasent ski holidays.

Bukowina Tatrzanska Slope with Chair Lift in Bukowina – one of the highest situated towns in Poland, placed about 30 minutes ride from Zakopane. Picturesque views and great prepared ski trials attract many white frenzy lovers. One additional advantage is the fact that Bukowina is not as crowded as Zakopane.


Poland’s national parks and nature reserves offer a variety of hiking trails through different types of landscapes ranging from dunes, beaches, rivers and lakes to deep forests and high mountains. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts can observe elks in Poland’s marshes and European bison in the Bialowieza forest. Poland is also reputed to have Europe’s largest population of storks. All the parks are open to visitors, though some may only be entered on foot and others, such as theBialowieza National Park, may only be toured with a guide.

Accommodation and catering facilities are available either within or near all parks. Different types of cycling routes are available throughout the country. Special cycling lanes are provided around larger cities. Cycling tours (notably through the Great Mazurian Lake District) are offered by specialist tour operators. Mountain biking is popular in the Bieszczady and Karkonosze mountains. Horses have traditionally been popular in Poland and horseriding enthusiasts have a large choice of riding schools to choose from. Polish stud farms are internationally renowned and welcome guests; board and lodging is provided and many stables also offer riding instruction. Horse auctions are held at Janów Podlaski, Poznan, Racot and Walewice. The main horseracing tracks are Warsaw (Sluzewiec), Sopot, Raculka (near Zielona Gora), Bialy Bor (near Slupsk) and Ksiaz (near Walbrzych). Inexperienced riders may prefer riding a Hucul – a very rare Polish mountain pony.

Cycling and the EuroVelo

Cycling or Bicycling as it is less known is a form of transport, recreation and sport which has had a significant resurgence in recent years due to rising fuel costs, traffic congestion as well as a means of keeping fit. Depending on the kind of cycling you wish to do, there is a bike suitable to your needs. From mountain bikes, Tourers, Road Bikes to racing bikes, there is a cycle to fit all.
In areas in which cycling is popular and encouraged, cycle-parking facilities using bicycle stands, lockable mini-garages, and patrolled cycle parks are used in order to reduce theft. Local governments promote cycling by permitting bicycles to be carried on public transport or by providing external attachment devices on public transport vehicles. Conversely, an absence of secure cycle-parking is a recurring complaint by cyclists from cities with low modal share of cycling.
The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is coordinating the development of a network of high-quality cycling routes that connect the whole continent. The routes can be used by long-distance cycle tourists, as well as by local people making daily journeys. EuroVelo currently comprises of 14 routes and it is envisaged that the network will be substantially complete by 2020

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