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Myslewicki Palace, Lazienki Park, Warsaw

Named after the village of My?lewice, the little palace (in Polish Pa?ac My?lewicki) was built for King Stanis?aw August Poniatowski in 1775–79 to an early-classicist design by Domenico Merlini.

The palace’s main, three-story body features a central entry niche and is flanked by quarter-circle wings. The facade is adorned by an enormous shell with sculptures of Zephyr and Flora by Giacomo Monaldi. The gently recurved rooflines reflect then-popular Chinese designs.

Initially the palace housed royal courtiers; later it was taken over by Prince Józef Poniatowski, whose initials appear in a cartouche over the entrance.

The palace survived World War II. On 15 September 1958, the first talks were held here between the ambassadors of the Chinese People’s Republic and the United States of America — the first attempt to establish contact between the two countries.

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