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Main Market Square – Kraków

It is the largest medieval square in Europe (approx. 200×200 m). It was laid out when the city received its charter in 1257. The Churches of St Mary’s and St Adalbert were built earlier, and thus they are not aligned with the sides of the Main Market Square. The Cloth Hall, the Town Hall and numerous townhouses were built later.The most recent addition is the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, designed in 1898 by Teodor Rygier; today it is the most popular meeting place for young people. Looking at the restored colourful townhouses and mansions surrounding the square it is hard to believe that they are 500-600 years’ old. The Grey House (Szara Kamienica) deserves a closer look. Legend has it that it was donated by King Casimir the Great to his mistress, Sarah. The Pod Krzysztofory Palace is also noteworthy, as kings John Casimir, Micha? Korybut Wi?niowiecki and Prince Józef Poniatowski once stayed there. Today it houses the Krakow’s Historical Museum. The Pod Baranami Palace (The Rams’ Palace) is a home for a popular cabaret.

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