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Sto?owe Mountains, Poland

Sto?owe Mountains also known as the Table Mountains (Polish: Góry Sto?owe, Czech: Stolové hory (older name Hejšovina),German: Heuscheuergebirge) are a 42-kilometre (26 mi)-long mountain range in Poland and the Czech Republic, part of the Central Sudetes. The range is situated southeast of the Krkonoše Mts. The Polish part of the range is protected as the Sto?owe Mountains National Park. The highest peak of the range is Szczeliniec Wielki at 919 m (3,015 ft) a.s.l.

The range is built of sandstone and, as the only one in Poland, presents plated structure with sheer mountain ledges. Among the tourist attractions there are rocky formations B??dne Ska?y and Szczeliniec Wielki.

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