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Outdoor Activities in Norway

Dog Sledding

One of the most amazing outdoor activities anyone can do is to experience the feeling of dog sledding.You get strong associations to an earlier and simpler life.Sled dog breeds are characterized by endurance, strength, and intelligence. They are usually medium to larger dogs, with a very muscular build, and have helped mankind for thousands of years. Nowadays, sled dog breeds are found as pets, as well as trained to participate in sled dog racing.
Sled dogs were developed to withstand very low temperatures. Their coats have a double layer, with the undercoat acting as insulation against the ice and snow. Because they have such thick coats, they need regular brushing and grooming. They also shed a lot, especially at the beginning of summer when they lose a lot of their undercoat. This could be a problem for people with dog allergies. Traditional sled dog breeds include the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the Chinook, the Sakhalin Husky, the Canadian Eskimo dog, the Seppala Siberian sled dog, the Tamaskan husky, the Samoyed, the Eurohound, the Mackenzie River husky, and the Greenland dog.

Sledge dog races are very fun to watch. Each year Norway hosts two world-famous races –

Femundløpet,  the world’s biggest race starting in the cosy mining town of Røros, and

Finnmarksløpet, Europe’s longest and northernmost sledge dog race. Both are World Cup events in the same league as the Iditarod race in Alaska.

But why leave it to others, have a go yourself and enjoy one of the most amazing things you will ever try!

Some companies that supply these holidays are:




Fishing in Norway is a anglers dream. Weather your casting your rod into one of the 200,000 lakes norway has to offer, or experiencing deep water fishing in the 21,oookm coastal waters, you will not be disapointed. Norway with its deep fjords is home to over 200 species of fish and shell fish, and offers some of the biggest deep-water cod there is, and with halibut, pollock, salmon and other game fish, you are sure to catch something special.Sit and relax under the clear nights stars, breath the clean air, take in the beauty and enjoy some of the finest fishing in the world!

Species Area Minimum




Large scallop
Norway lobster

The whole country
South of 64°N
North of 64°N
South of 64°N
North of 64°N

West of Lindesnes
East of Lindesnes
North of Rogaland
Rogaland and to the Swedish border
The whole country
The whole country
The whole country

60 centimetres
40 centimetres
47 centimetres
31 centimetres
44 centimetres
32 centimetres
29 centimetres
27 centimetres
13 centimetres
11 centimetres
25 centimetres
10 centimetres
13 centimetres

Rules and regulations

Coast and deep sea fishing is free of charge. However, no more than 15 kilos of fish filets or fish products can be exported from Norway per person.

Safe fishing

Even if the weather is fine in the morning it does not mean that it will stay that way all day. Check the weather forecast or ask a local before you leave. If the clouds darken and start to gather, it is a good idea to head back. It is smart to tell someone where you are going.

Remember lifejackets if you are going out in a boat.

Some helpful websites about fishiing include:

The Norwegian Fly Fishers Club

Fishing in Norway

Snowkiting or skikiting

Reaching 100kms an hour has never been more adrenaline fueled. Snowkiting or skikiting as it is called allows you to miss out on the “boring” skilift and instead you can now use the wind power to climb the mountains. With only a pair of skiis or snowboard, helmet, harness, kite and the right windproof clothing, you can now reach the peaks and unspoilt snow of norways highest mountains.
Norway has a number of different locations for you to try out your Snowkiting. The first is called Varanger,the host of the 2005 snowkite world championships for its amazing location and its openess of its landscape (there are hardly any trees in the area) It is situated in the North of Norway. This is special as it is on the coast of the aartic ocean. With its powerful ocean wind, it allows you to reach tremondous speeds as well as snopwkiting whilst looking out at the ocean, breathtaking!The second place to try is Hardangervidda. This is a world cup arena and offers choices for everyone, no matter what your ability, and with its large mountain peaks makes it a must for every snowkiter. Another loxcation is Geilo. Here you can have lessons with experienced instructors throughout the winter. The town has hosted the World championships as well as the World cup in Snowkiting.

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Cycling and the EuroVelo

Cycling or Bicycling as it is less known is a form of transport, recreation and sport which has had a significant resurgence in recent years due to rising fuel costs, traffic congestion as well as a means of keeping fit. Depending on the kind of cycling you wish to do, there is a bike suitable to your needs. From mountain bikes, Tourers, Road Bikes to racing bikes, there is a cycle to fit all.
In areas in which cycling is popular and encouraged, cycle-parking facilities using bicycle stands, lockable mini-garages, and patrolled cycle parks are used in order to reduce theft. Local governments promote cycling by permitting bicycles to be carried on public transport or by providing external attachment devices on public transport vehicles. Conversely, an absence of secure cycle-parking is a recurring complaint by cyclists from cities with low modal share of cycling.
The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is coordinating the development of a network of high-quality cycling routes that connect the whole continent. The routes can be used by long-distance cycle tourists, as well as by local people making daily journeys. EuroVelo currently comprises of 14 routes and it is envisaged that the network will be substantially complete by 2020

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