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Ulriksbanen, Bergen, Norway

Ulriksbanen is a passenger aerial tramway in Bergen, Norway. It connects the mountain Ulriken to the city, and is frequently used by tourists as well as locals. The tramway was first thought of by Frithjof Meidell Andersen in 1954, and a company was established in 1959. After having been constructed by a Swiss company, Ulriksbanen opened in 1959.

The Ulriken643 Panorama Tour takes you by cable car up into the mountains near the city centre.

From the viewing platform, you have uninterrupted panoramic views of Bergen and the sea, fjords and mountains that surround the city.

sky:skraper, the highest viewing point in Bergen: A perfect setting for functions, meetings, courses and conferences, with spectacular high-altitude experiences and catering laid on.

Up here at sky:scraper, you can enjoy some of the most delicious food and refreshments available on a mountain top anywhere.

Restaurant reservations, send e-mail

to booking@skyskraperen.no

The cable car runs:




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