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Vikingskiphuset (Viking Ship Museum) – Norway

The Viking Museum is part of the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo. If stories of Vikings fascinate you then this is definatly the place to come and see for yourself the many interesting Viking finds on show. The Museum, built in 1936, houses three preserved 9th century viking burial ships, these were discovered near the Oslo Fjord. The three ships are the ‘Oseberg ship’,the’Gokstad ship’ and the’Tune ship’.

On display are also a number of Sledges, beds from the Oseberg grave site , a beautifully ornately carved horse cart(the only cart found from Norwegian vikings probably made before 800), wood carvings of animal heads, buckets(one of which contained well preserved apples!) and goods unearthed at the burial sites.When the ships were discovered many everyday artefacts to be used in the afterlife, were also found . On the Gokstad there was also the remains of a man and the Oseberg contained the remains of two women, remains of animals were also discovered buried with the ship.This museum will provide many hours of interesting discoveries and fuel your interest in Vikings and their lives.

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