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“Hornindalsvatnet, in central Norway, is Europe’s deepest lake, reaching a maximum depth of 514 m (1,686 ft). “


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Browse through different attractions in Norway. Places of Interest in Norway belong to nature, and the beauty she provides is simply stunning. There are deep, blue fjords, majestic mountains, and glaciers, and one can sit and imagine the vikings travelling through this beautiful land all those years ago. Search through the best places to visit in Norway here

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Cities in Norway

Browse through Cities in Norway. Find where to visit whilst in the cities of Norway. Discover information on places to eat and nightlife you can spend your evenings dancing the night away. Find the best places to shop and where to relax after. You can also share your pictures from your visits and leave advice for other people visiting cities throughout Norway.


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Traditional Food of Norway



Traditional Food

Norway is a land of Mountains, Fijords and coastlines, which offers the ideal conditions to find ample supplies of fresh foods. The Norwegian Cuisine is a very healthy and flavoursome diet and of course fish plays a very important role, with most Norwegians eating fish three or four times a week, it is no wonder that the people of Norway are among of the healthiest in the world.

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Traditional Recipes

Recipes from Norway reflect the wonderful array of fresh foods that are available in Norway. Fish features highly in many of the Norwegian recipes whether it is fresh, salted, dried, cured, pickled or smoked there is a wealth of dishes to be enjoyed. It is not only fish that make up the many delicious recipes from Norway but also the variety of meats available and married with strong flavours such as juniper produce some great dishes

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