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Recipes from New Zealand

Recipes from New Zealand include many dishes brought over by immigrants to these shores and have slowly had a new slant put on them using the wonderful selection of fresh produce found in New Zealand. The Maori have their own distinct way of cooking using a Hangi – an earth-oven- which they use especially when there is a large gathering and they will cook all manner of dishes on this. New Zealand’s recipes will often include the lamb, which are reared in abundance here and they wonderful selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. Here we bring you some Recipes from New Zealand and invite you to send in your personal favourites.

The recipes on these pages have either been made by ourselves or sent in by you the readers of our website. Lets try and share recipes from around New Zealand, and all the different regions for all to enjoy and experience

Easy Meatloaf. This recipe is cooked using a slow cooker.

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Banana Muffins

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