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Dick Bruna huis, Utrecht

The dick bruna huis displays the famous rabbit Miffy together with a permanent retrospective of Dick Bruna’s oeuvre.

Worldwide, there is just one Utrecht creation more famous than the Rietveld chair: Miffy, the little rabbit Utrecht Dick Bruna designed in 1955. Over 56 years, Miffy has developed into an international celebrity, as a personality in children’s books – in over 40 languages – and as a design icon. Dick Bruna’s work is permanently on display in the Dick Bruna house. Bruna has produced almost 100 books.


Miffy is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Miffy’s original Dutch name is Nijntje. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955, and almost 30 others have followed.

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