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Wining and Dining in The Hague

Widow of the Dutch East Indies

Before it gained independence in 1945, Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands. The Dutch who worked in Indonesia regularly returned home for a holiday and stayed mainly in The Hague, where the Ministry of Colonies was based. Hotel Des Indes on the Lange Voorhout offered a roof to travellers returning from Indonesia. Between 1850 and 1900 the Archipel neighbourhood was built and it was here that the former colonists settled. The neighbourhood still exudes an air of Indonesia, with names such as Javastraat and Sumatraplein (one of the city’s most beautiful squares). It was during this period that the city earned its nickname ‘widow of Indonesia’. The Indonesian culture can still be sampled in the city, with a wide range of restaurants serving elaborate ‘rice tables’ in typical colonial atmosphere. Selamat Detang! (Welcome).

Sunset dinner

As a city by the sea, The Hague is known for its fresh seafood! For a sunset dinner in The Hague, the seaside resort of Scheveningen is an excellent choice. Scheveningen harbour in particular offers a dynamic backdrop for an atmospheric stroll and delicious intermezzos. The harbour at Scheveningen is an outstanding location for a delicious dinner. The view of the busy fisheries, beautiful yachts and powerboats makes the fresh fish taste even more delicious.


You can get a taste of Asia once you pass through the impressive Chinese gates in the centre of The Hague. Chinatown with its Asian restaurants offering dim sum, sushi and noodles, is a must for anyone wanting something a bit different for a change.

Sociable drinks

The drinks culture appears to have been discovered in The Hague. Cast your gaze on any one of the charming squares at the end of the afternoon or in the special wine bars and you will find enough confirmation. We love a sociable drink in The Hague! Where to go? Het Plein, De Plaats, de Grote Markt or the beach.

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