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The Hague Classics

Haagsche hopjes

Every city has its particular delicacies and The Hague is no exception. The famous Haagsche Hopje sweet has a typical coffee flavour. New on the market is the Hague Hopjes Cake, a delicious cake with a coffee-caramel flavoured icing. Need we say more?

Herring (and the best herring stand)

At what is probably the country’s most famous herring stand, at the Buitenhof (Outer Court), you can spot ministers, members of parliament and civil servants enjoying herring. Fortunately, the most famous stand, with a view of the Hofvijver (Court Pond), is also one of the best!

Dungelmann kroket

Enjoy the famous Hague croquettes and meatballs at Dungelman, the oldest butcher in the city. In Hoogstraat 34, during the lunch hour you’ll meet young and old, from minister to road worker, who come here to enjoy these two typically Dutch delicacies.

Haagsche Kakker

The solution to the reputed stinginess of the Hague locals (such as the notorious Hague cup of coffee) is probably the Haagsche Kakker. In order to prove that The Hague is primarily royal the inhabitants of The Hague requested master bakers to bake generously filled current buns using the finest currants, almonds, honey, cinnamon and marzipan. Et voilà: the Haagsche Kakker was born.

De Graaff cigars

Besides a wide range of (home-rolled) cigars, warehouse De Graaff in Heulstraat (located beside another classic: Indonesian restaurant Garoeda) sells its own brand of chocolate. The unique thing about this chocolate is its high cocoa and low sugar content. Since 1928, the best seller at The Hague’s definitive specialist cigar store has been the Dutch cigar, but Havannas are also sold regularly. De Graaff is renowned throughout the political and parliamentary echelons of The Hague. Customers include artists, actors, writers and a large percentage of The Hague’s upper and middle classes. HRH Prince Berhard and Sir Winston Churchill also frequented the Hague-based cigar shop and savoured the rich aroma of tobacco in this unique establishment.

Heulstraat 34

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