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Palace Gardens in The Hague

The Hague has been home to the Royal Family for centuries. With its many historical monuments, residential and working palaces, royal routes, coaches and horses and the favourite addresses of King William Alexander and Queen Maxima, no denying that the Hague is the home of the Royal family. The Palace Gardens are open to the public and are the perfect spot for soaking up the Royal atmosphere. The influence of 400 years of nobility and royal blood has ensured that the city still radiates a chic and alluring air.

The Palace Garden is located behind Noordeinde Palace, next to the Royal Stables. The garden is open to the public daily. Frederik Hendrik, the son of William of Orange, had the gardens landscaped for his mother at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Known in those days as the ‘Princesses’ Garden’, the park was full of romantic flowerbeds, ponds, fountains and marble statues. The garden was given to the Municipality of The Hague in the twentieth century and it is now a normal park by Dutch standards, as well as a great place to picnic on summer days. Bask in this wonderfully regal setting for a while, sandwiched between the Royal Stables, the working Noordeinde Palace and the Royal Archives.

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