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Shopping in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a fabulous shopping city any season of the year. Even on Sunday, when many shops in this country close their doors for a day off, shopaholics can indulge themselves in Rotterdam. The shops in the city centre are open seven days a week. From exclusive to popular, from megastore to small boutique, situated in an arcade or a bustling street, Rotterdam has it all.

All the best-known shops and department stores are along Lijnbaan and around Beursplein and the Beurstraverse, known locally as the ‘shopping gutter’.


Ever since it opened in 1953, Lijnbaan has been the busiest shopping street in the greater Rotterdam area. It was Europe’s first pedestrianised shopping area. Nowadays it offers a choice of large stores and small boutiques, with well-known brand names and chains such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mango and Invito.

Beurstraverse (Beursplein)

The Beurstraverse, locally known as the Koopgoot or ‘buying trench’, runs under Coolsingel. Situated below street level but mostly open to the air, this shopping street has many major chain stores, including HEMA, Zara and H&M. Children just love the water fountains.

De Bijenkorf

As busy as the beehive the Bijenkorf is named after, this trendy department store always has new products and international brands in fashion, cosmetics, accessories, home decoration, media and travel.


Donner is one of the largest and best-stocked bookshops in the Netherlands (6,000 m2). Donner is situated in a former bank building in the heart of Rotterdam. Donner has been selling books since 1912 and currently houses a collection of 250,000 titles. Donner also offers second-hand books.

Dille & Kamille

Natural simplicity. That’s what Dille & Kamille has offered for ages and ages, long before sustainability become popular. A few selections: functional kitchen utensils, unpretentious dishes, herbal tea, old-fashioned candy canes, candles and wooden toys.

het derde Servies

Het derde Servies is a shop with old and antique tableware. You can buy brocante, glass and embroded tableclothes, but mostly a a lot of pottery form about 1900 until now. You can also buy your old pottery. You can buy all pottery by peace. Het derde Servies has also a webshop adn deliverd by post through whole Europe. You can see a great deal of the collection in the shop. There is also a big storage, so always ask for the article you like to find.

Swan Market Festival

Lifestyle market offering a wide range of creative items: fashion, jewelry, vintage, accessories, affordable art, etc. Besides all that shopping fun, you’ll love the delicious fair-trade catering and live music.

Information courtesy of Rotterdam Info

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