Kinderdijk, Rotterdam

During a day trip to Kinderdijk, you will meet Holland below sea level. Kinderdijk is the only place in the world with so many windmills so close together in an authentic polder landscape. The nineteen mills, pumping stations, low and high ‘boezems’ (storage basins), ditches and sluices together form an ingenious water management system in the low-lying polders. This is a typical Dutch, world-class landscape with delightful views, overwhelming cloud formations and stunning nature. It’s with good reason, that the Kinderdijk-Elshout windmill complex was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997.

The Waterbus is a fast connection to World Heritage Kinderdijk. Step on board Waterbus line 20 (note the steward on board) and transfer at stop ‘Ridderkerk de Schans’ to the ‘Driehoeksveer’ ferry. With this transfer you will arrive at Kinderdijk in 35 minutes from Rotterdam of Dordrecht. Waterbus also departures at stop Rotterdam Erasmus bridge.

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