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Vaduz Red House, Liechtenstein

An emblem of the capital, the Red House in Vaduz consists of a late medieval gabled stairs structure. Its tower can be seen from far and wide.

In the Middle Ages the building was owned by the Vaistlis, who were liegemen. In 1525 the house was purchased by an heir of the Vaistlis from the Monastery of St. Johann in the Thurtal valley. The attendant “Wingert” (meaning vineyard) still retains its old name of “Abtswingert” (abbey vineyard) today for this very reason. Since 1807 the Red House has been owned by the Rheinberger family. The heavy tower was added in 1904 and is crowned by a gabled stairs structure. In the right corner to the house the 17th century wine press still houses the old press beam today.