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Grauspitz, Liechtenstein

The Grauspitz peaking at 2599 metres (8,527ft) (also known as Vorder Grauspitz or Vordere Grauspitz) is the highest mountain in Liechtenstein, one of Europe’s smallest countries at just 5 miles wide by 15 miles long and situated between Austria and Switzerland.

Liechtenstein is well known for it’s many hiking trails, yet there are no maintained trails that lead to the Grauspitz. The easiest route is via the Hinter Grauspitz (also known as Schwarzhorn-2,574m) and then along a class 3-4 razor ridge. The suggested route is first to take the Alplibahn (must be pre-booked)- Voderalp (2,030m)- Unterst See-Ijes, where there is a small farm- then there are steep grassy slopes and scree fields to contend with-Schafaelpli- Sattel (2,502m) -Vorder Grauspitz Nordostgrat (north east ridge)- and on to the summit Vorder Grauspitz, from here there is a wonderful view with the whole of Liechtenstein lying at your feet, Germany to the North, Austria to the East and Piz Bernina to the South.

Then of course there is the descent-back down to sattel – Sudwestgrat (south east ridge) Hinter Grauspitz -Hinter Grauspitz – Climb down Sudostgrat (South east ridge) from Hinter Grauspitz -2,304m -then follow the same route down as the climb up till you reach the Bergstation der Alplibahn. Don’t be fooled by this mountain as it can certainly pack quite a punch.

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