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Discover the best that Liechtenstein has to offer with the great Attractions in Liechtenstein, the vast number of Outdoor Activities to enjoy when visiting the country, Festivals of all sorts not to be missed and if you are driving then keep safe and learn the driving laws and regulations to be adhered to and emergency contact numbers if there is any accident or illness. Read up on the Liechtenstein City information and also discover the wonderful traditional cuisine, with recipes to try yourself on your return to keep your holiday memories fresh. Whether you are planning a trip or just browsing the country details for information, you are sure to find plenty to give you food for thought on these pages.


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    In the pedestrianised area in the centre of Vaduz just a stone’s throw from the picturesque vineyards and impressive Vaduz Castle many museums, galleries and restaurants invite guests to embark on a cultural and culinary journey of discovery. Liechtenstein’s ten other municipalities are also home to thriving art, music and theatre scenes.

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    Traditional Food of Liechtenstein


    Traditional Food

    Traditional Foods in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is an alpine country which is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east, the cuisine of Liechtenstein therefore has strong connections to the dishes of these two countries, it also takes influence from French cuisine. Much of the terrain is mountainous with many forests, which supply game such as venison and wild boar in the hunting season, also there are freshwater fish from the rivers and there are many cultivated fields and small farms growing fresh vegetables and fruits.

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    Traditional Recipes

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