Valsugana, Trentino – Alto Adige/Südtirol,

The Valsugana is one of the most important valleys in the autonomous province of Trentino in Northern Italy. Leading into the Alps’ foothills, an important main north-south Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, one of Europe’s main roads since its construction in Antiquity, winds along the valley and connects the Adriatic with the historic Holy Roman Empire and Frankish kingdom’s centre of Augsburg.

The sturdy construction of this long-distance road running through the valley has made it historically one of the most important north-south European transit lanes because the route from the Veneto region to points near and beyond the famed Brenner pass is significantly shorter than proceeding Venice to Verona to Brenner. Henry II used the road to bypass a position blocked by a rival allowing him to gain the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Valle dei Mocheni is also of historic interest as it has remained a German-speaking enclave in modern Italy to this day. This came about as during the High Middle Ages while the region was ruled by the Holy Roman Empire (many Emperors were also Kings of Italy) many German-speaking farmers and miners settled into the region.

The western part of the valley nearest Trento is an extensive tourist area which began as a health spa during the late 19th century when the Levico Terme baths were established and became popular with the upper classes. This parallels the history of what became modern vacations and resort towns in much of the world (Contrast with St Moritz, Mineral Wells, and Steamboat Springs), the situation in the valley being enhanced perhaps by the easy access both north and south given it by the sturdy Roman road, when roads were usually just dirt tracks with deep ruts and large puddles. Otherwise the scenery is marked by vineyards and orchards and groves of edible horse-chestnuts.

Nearby Lake Caldonazzo, and the village of Caldonazzo, is a further international tourist center located just south of the Dolomite Mountains, a southern foothill range of the higher Alps just to the North.

Together, Caldonazzo Lake and the Dolomites create one of the most beautiful regions of northern Italy and harbor a host of outdoor sporting activities, such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking, power boating, sailing, and windsurfing to name just a few.

The Valsugana is enclosed by two mountain ranges:

  • to the north by the chain of Lagorai , which separates it from the Fiemme Valley ;
  • to the south by the chain Peak XII – Ortigara , which separates it from the Province of Vicenza .

Among the valleys reminiscent of Valsugana Mocheni Valley , the Val di Sella and ‘ Plateau of Tesino . Lower Valsugana, in particular, is karst, full of caverns and caves, like the one in Grigno dell’Ernesto of Calgaron and Bear in Castel Tesino. A Levico Terme produces ferruginous water (acidic) is ideal for treating anemia.

Valsugana is crossed by the highway 47 , mostly four-lane highway that connects directly to Bassano del Grappa (hence Vicenza and Padua ) and Trento , via Borgo Valsugana , Levico Terme and Pergine . Minor roads connecting the valley with the Fiemme Valley (through Step Manghen ) and the highlands on the southern side.

There is also a railway line that connects Trento to the Veneto Central and Eastern Europe ( Bassano del Grappa, Padua and Venice ), the section between Borgo Valsugana and Trent came into operation a metropolitan area.

Along the valley winds also a bike path, called Cyclops Valsugana. It is the result of the union of several sections of local bike paths, allowing currently ride along road infrastructure dedicated to Pergine to the village of Primolano

Cuisine and Wines of Trentino-Alto Adige/Süd Tirol

grapesIn the far north of Italy, near the border with Austria, this region has a very strong Austrian influence in it’s cuisine, especially in the South Tyrol section. The Speck Alto Adige is a wonderful juniper-flavoured ham and is well worth looking out for. The Austrian influence brings Goulash, Knödel, Apfel Strudel, Kaiserschmarrn, Krapfen, Rösti, Spätzle as typical dishes to the region.

Cuisine and Wines of Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol

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