Levico Terme

Levico Terme is situated at the highest point of the valley of the Valsugana to 520 meters above sea level, 22 km from Trento and about 110 km from Padua.

Levico Terme is the most famous spa town in the world and has much to offer, from the lakes Levico and Caldonazzo to the famous Panarotta and RIvetta ski slopes.

Levico Terme comprises the localities Chiesa, Furo, Grande, Cortina, Oltrebrenta and Selva di Levico, it is above all known for its therapeutic springs rich in arsenic and iron. For this reason Levico is able to offer a large number of thermal cures.

Between April and October you can enjoy balneotherapies, mud baths, inhalations or baths and much more. We recommend you to book your wellness holidays in time. Phone: Tel. 0461.706481.

However, not only the thermal baths make Levico and the mountain village Vetriolo a popular holiday destination. Also the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo as well as the mountains of the Lagorai and the uplands of Lavarone and Lusern attract many people. In winter there are is the Panarotta skiing area. Levico, its thermal baths, mountain lakes, mountians and skiing areas make this place become one of the most beautiful all-year-round holiday destinations of the Alps.

History of the Park

The history of the park began in 1898 , when Julius Adrian Pollacseck bought a valuable arable land (on which were planted mulberry trees and vines) for the considerable sum of 100,000 florins in order to build a place where to build a hotel spa. In 1900 the gardener Georg Ziehl designed the park and its design built a large garden spa with various walks, which was inaugurated in 1905. At that date back to the giant thuja and the Villa Paradiso. The park is open all year, every day, all day.

Christmas Market

Held at the historic Habsburg Park of Levico since 2004, the Park is home to the Christmas Market in Levico Terme, with around 60 characteristic “houses” arranged along the avenues. It runs from mid-November until the 6th of January.

Memory Park

Since May 2005 there in Levico Terme, in the garden of the former hospital, a garden dedicated to the Righteous who opposed the genocide and crimes against humanity around the world. The first Fair was to be commemorated Giorgio Perlasca who, pretending to be Spanish diplomat, has saved thousands of Jews in Budapest during the Holocaust. Other plants and stele remember the Genocide of Armenians, the victims of the gulag and sinkholes.

Sacred buildings

The parish church, situated in the center of the city and dedicated to SS. Redeemer was built between 1872 and 1877 by the architect. Leopold Claricini on the site of a medieval church, which, according to historians, arose over a place of early Christian worship, although no research has been conducted on the subject. The large statue of the Redeemer over the entrance of the church in 1946, the altar, dating back to 1882 by Josef Runggaldier as the Crucifix with wooden statues and decoration is the beginning of the century. It is the largest church in the Province of Trento except for the Cathedral of St. Vigil in the capital. Spa Park is located close to the characteristic eighteenth-century church of Madonna del Pezo (Our Lady of the Pines), very small and which levicensi are particularly fond. On the hill of St. Blaise, west of the town, stands the church of the same name fourteenth century, whose nave dates back at least to the eleventh century, with frescoes dating back inside to the fourteenth and the sixteenth century. The church next to it shows the ruins of a hermitage, mentioned up to 700. In the village of vitriol Spa is the Church of Our Lady of the Snows, built in 1940, which houses a precious fourteenth-century Gothic crucifix, previously located in a municipal warehouse. The church is unusual for its south porch, which offers a splendid view of the Valsugana.

Castel Selva

Castel Selva, whose ruins dominate the town of the same name, dating from the twelfth century, during the sixteenth century, was lavishly decorated by Bernardo Clesio, who made ithis summer residence, and for this time, during the Council of Trent, it was the residence of many emissaries arriving to assist in the work, including Marcello Raven (future Pope Marcellus II) and Reginald Pole, Archbishop of Canterbury, together with the Prince Bishop Christopher Madruzzo and the Secretary of the Council, Massarelli. It fell into disuse, and was later purchased by the city of Levico in 1779, revenue from which was used as a building material : the oldest houses in Selva di Levico, in fact, are mostly built with stones of Castel Selva, and in some cases decorated beams are still carriers of these buildings.


In Lagorai South are several hot springs, are located in the main Spa and vitriol in the town near the Terme Roncegno.
The waters of the spas of Levico come from two sources on Mount Front, whose waters water are called “strong” and water “weak”, depending on the mineral content. for therapeutic purposes. The first spa treatment was carried out vitriol, but given the discomfort in reaching the location, situated at over 1000 meters of altitude over the valley floor, the pipes were built that brought and still bring in part the waters in the capital city. The golden age of the spa came to an abrupt halt with the outbreak of World War I, in which the country was almost evacuated. After the war, the municipality of Levico assumed management of the spa, but the turnover did not compare to that before hostilities. In 1930 the State took over the thermal complex in its entirety and began construction of the new thermal Vitriol, replacing the old one. The Second World War once again brought disruption, with the distruction of the Old Establishment in the Allied bombings of March 15th,1945. At the end of the conflict the newly formed Region Trentino-Alto Adige took over the property, who started reconstructing all spa buildings. In the 1990’s the establisment was again restored and opened to the public in 1999.The waters are used to treat anxiety disorders, treatment and prevention of upper respiratory ailments, also due to pollutants such as smog, arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis and rheumatic psorisiache, after fractures, thyroid disease, skin and gynecological diseases.

War Cemetery

Attached to the Cemetery is a Civil War Cemeteries of the First World War , which opened three years after the armistice, on November 4 1921 . There are over a thousand dead buried in the battles of the Plateau Vezzena: 665 Austrians, 103 Poles, 89 Hungarians, 55 Serbs-Croats-Slovenes, Czechs, 23, 10 Romanians, 10 Italians, 6 Germans, 17 unknown. The preponderance of the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian empire is explained by the fact that most of the bodies were later buried in the great Italian Ossuary celebration of Rovereto and Asiago , desired by the fascist regime.

Other items of interest

A sarcophagus Roman Imperial Age, finely decorated, mid nineteenth century and found evidence of a cemetery can not yet found, is exposed near the south entrance of the Spa Park. Crossroads between Via Roma and Via Caproni Mons is the Belvedere Tower, built in the first half of the 800 by then Mayor Emilio Avancini, octagonal and 18 feet high. For many years, is in need of restoration. Levico also co-operates with Pergine lifts on Mount Panarotta headquarters, in recent years, the Trofeo Topolino alpine ski .

Lago di Levico

The Lago di Levico is a lake in Valsugana in Trentino , Italy , east of Trento . Capital is the spa town of Levico Terme with Spa Palazzo delle Terme and the beach at the southeastern end of the lake. The rest of steep, wooded slopes surrounding the 440 m altitude lake is almost untapped. Just two kilometers west of the larger Lake Caldonazzo . The lake is characterized by the excellent water quality. At the northern end of the lake (which belongs to the neighboring town of Pergine Valsugana) there an impressive array of flora and fauna in the steep woods.

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