Castel Toblino, Lago di Garda, Trentino

The Toblino Castle is a rare example of lake fortification. Situated in the valley between the lakes Padergnone and Sarche of Calavino in the province of Trento .

The structure is perched on a small peninsula, and protected by the Lake. Its position has obvious reasons for this defensive strategy . There is the presence of ‘important road link between Trento and the valleys of the Sarca and the Churches . The square shape of the complex is one of the signs of interest in the great tower of circular shape, certainly the most obvious of the pre-existing medieval. The large walled battlements surrounding the entire complex and the large park surrounding the residence add further distinctive character.Currently the castle is privately owned and is used as a restaurant .

The castle owes its fame, as well as the beauty of the environment, to the many legends that have aroused. One of these, originally founded by the literary and popular imagination, Toblino was a 17th palace of delight for Claudia ,daughter of Lodovico Particella , a native of Fossombrone, with Charles Emmanuel, Prince and Bishop of Trent , and of Madruzzo. Pleas to the Pope in order to obtain the dissolution of his priestly vows, proved fruitless , the bishop would be left to a sinful relationship with Claudia. A relatively recent set of legends created to excite the imagination of tourists, are Charles Emmanuel conspirator for the death of Claudia and her brother Vincent, both tragically drowned in the lake.

Another legend has the most robust thwarted love of Aliprando Toblino for Geneva. One night, while riding along a path on his way home, Aliprando was killed by Graziadeo di Castel Campo his rival in love.

To Castel Toblino (18 km from Trento), there is the SS 45 bis of the West Gardesana in the Valley of the Lakes .


It is in these ancient walls you will find the restaurant Castel Toblino: with elegant dining rooms, a romantic atmosphere and a bit of ‘mystery’, a well befits a dwelling of times long gone. The cuisine of the Restaurant Castel Toblino is created with passion and professionalism to offer a grand selection of gourmet dishes using wonderful local produce and seasonal flavours.

  • Open from 12 noon to 15.00
  • Open from 19.00 to 22.00
  • Closed on Monday/Tuesday

For booking contact –Tel +39 0461 864036


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