Food and Wine – Attractions in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

From boreto a la graisana to frico friulano, by way of cjarsòns carnici. Three great culinary trends – Central European, Venetian and Slav – merge in a cuisine that is “Made in Friuli Venezia Giulia”, the typical regional flavours appear in a variety of recipes, fruit of the incredible variety of landscapes, environments and climactic conditions, unique in the quality of local products. The cuisine of Trieste and Gorizia is an encounter of Hapsburg and Slavic traditions, Carnia recipes are prepared using herbs, fruits and mushrooms, and in Friuli you can enjoy genuine and tasty meals. And don’t forget fish and seafood, which is so abundant in this area.

Local production of top whites with eight DOC (Controlled Origin Denomination) zones, three DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin) zones and two inter-regional DOC zone, 1,500 vineyards producing 80 million bottles per year in an area of almost 20,000 hectares, with world famous names, including two true gems, Ramandolo and Picolit, as well as the Friulano, symbol of the regional territory. Friuli wine production, of traditional high quality, has converted most of its vineyards to DOC/DOCG wines.8 DOC zones: Carso, Friuli Colli Orientali, Collio, Friuli Annia, Friuli Aquileia, Friuli grave, Friuli Isonzo, Friuli Latisana; Inter-regional DOC: Lison Pramaggiore and Prosecco. 3 DOCG: Picolit, Ramandolo and Rosazzo.

Agri-food products

Montasio cheese, San Daniele raw ham, Tergeste extra-virgin olive oil, Italian Cacciatora Salamini, FVG Apples and Brovada; IGP (protected geographical indication): Sauris ham, several traditional products: grappas, honey, Asìno cheese, white Friuli asparagus. 9 Slow Food Presidia: garlic from Resia or Strok, Cavasso and Val Cosa onion, formadi frant, tumaria milk cheese, pan di sorc, pestât di Fagagna, pitina, radic di mont and rose of Gorizia. Friuli Venezia Giulia, with its 2500km of permanent and pure fresh waters, is the first region in Italy for rainbow trout breeding, covering 40% of national produce. The Spotted Red (Pezzata Rossa) is a bovine breed born in the 1800’s in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Its’ milk is perfect for many types of quality cheeses; it makes delicious ice cream, Latteria and Montasio cheeses and yogurt. It also produces high quality meat with characteristics that make it stand out amongst most other breeds.

Typical dishes and products

  • Trieste: jota (soup made of beans, potatoes and white cabbage), gulash, apple strudel, presnitz or cuguluf (cake of Viennese origin), but also large sardines breaded and fried, ribaltavapori, Trieste-style salted cod, fish soup, scampi alla busara, mussoli clams, dandoli (date mussels), sarde in savôr (sweet and sour sardines), Trieste ham, cave cheese (Jamar), Karst ham. Not to be missed are the typical bolliti (boiled meat) or a break in the osmizzas (wine-tavern) on the Karst plateau.
  • Gorizia: potato gnocchi with plums drizzled with melted butter, cinnamon and a little sugar, patate in tecia (potatoes sautéed with onion), kaiserfleish (smoked pork loin scattered with grated fresh horseradish and served with sauerkraut), rosa di Gorizia, radicchio and raw ham from Cormòns.
  • Udine: frico (crunchy delicacy based on flaked mountain cheese and potatoes), musèt e brovada (spiced pork sausage with turnips marinated in must), gubana cake, white asparagus from Tavagnacco, white truffle from Muzzana del Turgnano, raw ham from Sauris (slightly smoked), borlotti beans from Carnia and Malga cheese.
  • Pordenone: pitina (cured meat produced with ungulate game, ewe’s or mutton meat, minced by hand, mixed with a pinch of salt, pepper, wild fennel – known as caren in local dialect – or other herbs, breaded with corn meal and smoked), Asìno cheese (salty cheese typical of Clauzetto, Vito d’Asio and Spilimbergo), the FigoMoro fig from Caneva, the potatoes from Ovoledo and the Biscuit from Pordenone.
  • Sea Dishes: boreto a la graisana (refined fish soup served with white corn meal), squids in their own ink, sievoli sotto sal (grey mullets cured in salt for two or three months).
  • Mountain Dishes: cjarsòns (ravioli with a contrasting sweet and savoury filling), savôrs (a special dish of chopped vegetables). Sot la trape is worth a try as well (a particular kind of cheese marinated in marc).

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