Cascata del Marmarico – Waterfall Marmarico

The waterfall Marmarico (in Calabrian dialect Cascade du Marmaricu ) is the highest waterfall in Calabria , and of the ‘ Southern Apennines , is 114 meters high. It is the upper course of the Fiumara Stilaro , the valley Folea . The site has the same name as the surrounding of the waterfall, below it is a small pond. It is located in the municipality of Bivongi

The waterfall can be reached from Bivongi along a side road. Then,when you arrive at the confluence of the Valley Folea and Roger , you walk for 20 minutes following the path of Folea.

There is a second option from the place of King Ferdinand with about 2 hours of walking. It starts from the path to the left of the Villa Ferdinandea , which runs along the valley at the beginning Folea then moves away and meets up later and from here you are able to see the falls from above.