Around Verona

The countryside surrounding Verona is quite varied with plains to the south, hills in the centre and the mountains to the north. Close by is Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake with its mild climate its shores are green and rich in vegetation. Lake Garda’s shoreline is planted with cypress, olive trees, lemon trees, palms, lauels and other exotic plants which give it its own characteristic beauty. The Baldo mountain chain stretch along the western side of the lake and descend steeply down towards the water. Monte Baldo has many legends attached to it, with stories of fairies,witches and goblins. The magic of Monte Baldo is in its rare medicinal herbs. It is a reserve for precious ornamental, aromatic and medicinal plants. There is a cable car ride to the top of Monte Baldo from which you are able to see the entire lake, on a clear day, and have 360° veiws of the wonderful scenery. On the other side of the Adige valley are the are the Lessini mountains which are an important group within the Dolomites, which in turn are part of the pre-Alps of the Veneto. The area around Verona is famous for its wines and there are acres of vineyards, the most beautiful being the Valpolicella in which there are fruit groves and vegetable farms as well as the vineyards. From this region comes the famous Valpolicella wine. Other valleys around Verona and in the Lessini range, include Val Pantena, Valle do Squaranto, Valle d’Illasi and the Valle dell’Alpone. Verona sits on the banks of the Adige River, the main river of the Province of Verona, it begins life in the Trento region and after Verona heads offf towards the Provinces of Padua and Rovigo. The river Adige winds itself around the city and is therefore a main feature with its wonderful bridges. Verona is at the centre of a beautiful panorama, and with its wonderful selection of buildings and rooftops attracts increasing numbers of visitors each year who will undoubtedly fall in love with this amazing city.

Verona is a ‘True Italian City’ , although there are some Austrian influences to be seen within the city. There are wonderful churches, old palaces, squares, statues, bridges, ampitheatres and fountains all over the city to explore in which one can witness the centuries of history, its past splendour and its architectural and artistic masterpieces, and this all contributes to the fact that Verona is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Verona was a Roman city and many of the Roman ruins have been well preserved, most notably the Arena which is used today for concerts. Most of the historical sights date back from the past 800 years. Verona offers a golden opportunity to see the transition of Western European art from late medieval to early renaissance styles, with its rich offering of 12-Century churches and art museums. Verona’s military importance has also left city fortifications and an excellent castle. Look out for architectural details related to the Scaligeri (or della Scala) family, who ruled the city from the 12th-14th Century – their family emblem is a ladder, and appears in many places around the city.

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