Savona, Liguria Italy

Savona is a seaport in the northern Italian region of Liguria, capital of the Province of Savona, in the Riviera di Ponente on the Mediterranean Sea. Savona used to be one of the chief seats of the Italian iron industry, having iron-works and foundries, shipbuilding, railway workshops, engineering shops, and a brass foundry.

One of the most celebrated former inhabitants of Savona was the navigator Christopher Columbus, who farmed land in the area while chronicling his journeys.
‘Columbus’s house’, a cottage situated in the Savona hills, lay between vegetable crops and fruit trees. It is just one of many residences in Liguria associated with Columbus.

Main sights

  • Near the Rocca di San Giorgio, on the “Promontorio del Priamar”, stands the fortress named Priamar, built by the Genoese in 1542 after their conquest of Savona, on the area of the old cathedral and old city and later used as a prison and military priso. Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini was imprisoned here.
  • Savona Cathedral /Duomo di Savona – Cattedrale dell’Assunta – is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Savona, Liguria, Italy, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Formerly the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Savona, since 1986.
  • Adjacent to the Cathedral and built 1480-1483, is the Cappella Sistina (Sistine Chapel), containing the Mausoleum erected by the Della Rovere Pope Sixtus IV to honor his parents.
  • Facing the cathedral is the unfinished Palazzo Della Rovere (Della Rovere Palace), built by Cardinal Giulio della Rovere (future Pope Julius II) and designed by Giuliano da Sangallo as a university.
  • The church of Nostra Signora di Castello (Our Lady of the Castle) has a large altarpiece by Vincenzo Foppa and Ludovico Brea painted in 1490.
  • The Sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Misericordia (Our Lady of Mercy).
  • The Torre Leon Pancaldo (Leon Pancaldo Tower), built in the 14th century and also known as “Torretta”, is the symbol of the town.
  • Palazzo Delle Piane (Delle Piane Palace), also known as Palazzo Delle Palle, the most important building in liberty style of Savona.
  • The Palazzo Gavotti built in the 15th century. Inside the palace there is the Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti that contains the Pinacoteca of Savona, the artwork of Fondazione Museo di Arte Contemporanea Milena Milani in memoria di Carlo Cardazzo and the new Ceramic Museum.


  • Holy Friday : every two years takes place a spectacular procession in streets of the city.
  • Carnival : during Carnival the typical costume is Cicciulin
  • Confuoco it takes place the last Sunday before Christmas. In the square of Sisto IV a large fire is lit.
  • The Patron saint’s festival of Nostra Signora della Misericordia, on 18 March.
  • The Santa Lucia fair in the central street of Via Paleocapa on 13 December.

Cuisine and Wines of  Liguria

grapesKnown as the Italian riviera, Liguria is bordered to the south by the sea and the mountains to the north which influences it’s cuisine. Seafood and fish are used extensively, with sardines, swordfish, tuna, white bream, sea bass and anchovies featuring in many dishes. Liguria is also well known for it’s wonderful pesto, as basil grows here in profusion and is mixed with pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese and the Region’s own olive oil”

Cuisine and Wines of  Liguria

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