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The area has been inhabited since ancient times – archaeological findings date back to the Paleolithic, proving human presence for over 70,000 years. Its first known dwellers were the Cotini, one of the Celt tribes. The area has been occupied by Hungarians since the “Conquest” in the late 9th century. It was named after the Miskóc clan and was first mentioned by this name around 1210 AD. The Miskóc clan lost their power when King Charles I centralized his power by curbing the power of the oligarchs.

The preparation for World War II established Miskolc as the national centre of heavy industry, a position the city maintained until the 1990s. Although Miskolc suffered a lot during the last year of the war, it recovered quickly, and by absorbing the surrounding villages, it became the second-largest city of Hungary.

Miskolc is now trying to become known as a cultural – instead of merely an industrial – city. Among the various cultural events, one of the most important festivities is the International Opera Festival, held in every summer. The most popular tourist destinations in Miskolc are Tapolca, Lillafüred and Fels?hámor. Tapolca has a beautiful park with a boating pond and the famous and unique Cave Bath. Lillafüred and Fels?hámor are pretty villages in a valley surrounded by mountains and forests; their most famous sights are the Hotel Palace on the shore of the Lake Hámori, the Szinva waterfall (the highest waterfall of the country), the Anna Cave and the István Cave.

Must See Sights in Miskolc

Church of Avas

The Gothic Protestant Church of Avas is the oldest building in the centre of the city of Miskolc in Northern Hungary. It was built in the 13th century as a small, Romanesque style church, and later it was expanded to a larger Gothic style church. In 1544, during the Ottoman occupation of Hungary the Turks set the church on fire. Because it was already a Protestant church, the Catholic owner of the Diósgy?r estate, Borbála Fánchy, didn’t give her permission to use the wood from the nearby forests to rebuild the church, and it was rebuilt only more than twenty years later. The organ of the church was built by József Angster in 1895. The acoustics of the church are very good, and concerts are held quite often.

Greek Orthodox Church

The church, built between 1785 and 1806 in braid style, is the largest and most beautiful Orthodox church of Central Europe.

Hungary’s tallest, 16 metre high iconostasis can be seen here. The baroque altar-screen is the work of Miklós Jankovits, which depicts the life of Jesus on 88 images

Mindszent Church

The Mindszent Church is a Roman Catholic parish church in the centre of Miskolc, Hungary. It was built between 1724 and 1880 in Baroque style. It is officially called St. Peter and Paul Church.

National Theatre

The National Theatre of Miskolc is the main theatre of Miskolc, and the oldest theatre company of Hungary. Its current Classicist and Neo-baroque building built between 1847–1857, standing in downtown Széchenyi street is home to not only theatrical plays, but events like the International Opera Festival of Miskolc.

Ottó Herman Museum

The Ottó Herman Museum is the largest museum and richest museums of Miskolc, Hungary. It has more than 600,000 artifacts. Its main focus is on archaeology, mineralogy, arts, history and ethnography. The museum was founded in 1899 under the name Borsod-Miskolcz Museum. At the permanent exhibition renewed in 2005 the public can get acquainted with the history of the Hungarian fine arts from the 1700s until the middle of the 20th century by help of high-level works.

  • Location:
    Görgey Artúr út 28.
    Miskolc 3529


Castle of Diósgyor

The first castle was built in the 12th century, it is likely that it was an earthwork castle and was destroyed during the Mongol invasion (1241–1242.) The castle that stands today was probably built by King Béla IV. The castle was in its glory in the age of King Louis the Great. Today it is one of the most important monuments of the country.

Today the ruins and the museum of the Castle of Diósgyor is the mostly visited, most spectacular tourist sight of Miskolc-Diósgyor.

In the last decades beside the exhibitions (Historical Wax Museum, Ratification of the peace treaty of Turin, Exhibition of the Weapon- and armour history, City historical exhibition, Stamping workshop, Parade cannon of the 16th century, Chronoscope) it had become significant primarily as event site, it houses numerous festivals, concerts year by year.


Cave Bath

The cave bath in Miskolctapolca, unique in Europe with its thermal karst water was known as a popular bathing resort of Benedictine monks from the 16th century.

The cave system formed by nature houses five indoor pools today, where an extensive range of medical and wellness services ensures genuine recreation for visitors wishing for relaxation and recovery

The temperature of the thermal spring feeding the Cave Bath is 29.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the pools is between 30-35 degrees Celsius.
The Cave Aquatherapy section connected to the bath offers refreshment, recreation and healing with a number of wellness and medical services.


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