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Bükk National Park Hungary

The Bükk National Park  is a national park in the Bükk Mountains of Northern Hungary, near Miskolc. It was founded in 1976 as the third national park of the country. It contains 431.3 km² (of which 37.74 km² is under increased protection). It is the largest national park in Hungary with mountains and forests, situated in the Northern mountains, between Szilvásvárad and Lillafüred. The most important features include the various karst formations of the limestone mountains including caves that used to be inhabited by pre-historic men, swallow-holes, and ravines.

The Vatican Climate Forest is to be located in the Park. Donated by a carbon offsetting company, it is to be sized to offset the Vatican’s carbon dioxide emissions for 2007.

Vatican Climate Forest

The Vatican Climate Forest, to be located in the Bükk National Park, Hungary, was donated to the Vatican City by a carbon offsetting company. The forest is to be sized to offset the carbon emissions generated by the Vatican during 2007. The Vatican’s acceptance of the offer, at a ceremony on July 5, 2007, was reported as being “purely symbolic”, and a way to encourage Catholics to do more to safeguard the planet. No trees have been planted under the project and the carbon offsets have not materialised.

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