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“The world’s largest geothermal cave system is in Hungary. It is located underground Budapest. Europe’s largest underground lake also was recently found under Budapest’s Gellért Hill “


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    Traditional Food of Hungary


    Traditional Food

    The climate is perfect for the growing of paprika and they are the leading producers. It was originally used to replace pepper, which was expensive, but it has remained in many of the delicious dishes such as the world famous ‘Goulash’ The Turks also took all the domestic animals in their raids leaving only the pigs which they were unable to eat due to religious beliefs, therefore pork became the main meat used in traditional recipes. After the Turks came the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Austrian influences on many of the dishes.

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    Traditional Recipes

    Recipes from Hungary have been shaped quite strongly by history into what it is today, but the main dish that stands out to everyone who thinks of Hungarian cuisine is Goulash, rich with the aromatic paprika that Hungary is the leading producer of. The main meat used in Hungarian recipes is pork, again due to historical reasons the pig was the sole animal left in Hungary in the past. Recipes from Hungary also include many cream-filled, rich cakes as Hungary has taken, and given, influence from neighbouring countries in its dishes.

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