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Weimar Information Guide, Thuringen

Weimar is located in central Germany, in the state of Thuringia, one of the smallest states in Germany. The city of Weimar is classified as an independent city district, in addition to the 17 districts (Landkreise) and 5 other independent cities of Thuringia. Weimar is the 4th largest area in Thuringia, with a population of approximately 65,000 people. The city limits of Weimar itself are approximately 7 km and the neighbouring cities are Jena and Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia. The city lies along the River Ilm. In the valley of the river Ilm river the federal Motorway 87 runs from Ilmenau to Leipzig and two railways: the Ilmbahn between Kranichfeld and Weimar and the highspeed railway from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main between Weimar and Großheringen. The city is north-east of the Thuringian Forest, 25 minutes away by autobahn or train.

The Onion Market (Weimarer Zwiebelmarkt) is an annual festival held in October in Weimar and it is Thuringia’s largest festival. The festival is held over 3 days and approximately 500 stalls and more than 100 stage performances are put up across the city. Weimar first celebrated the Onion Market in 1653. The 2011 Onion Market – the 358th – will see again over 300,000 visitors. Stalls typically offer onion plaits, themed arts and crafts and numerous onion-based foods, including onion cakes, onion soups and onion breads. The festival also hosts numerous beer gardens, live music, fairground attractions and a Ferris wheel.

Places of interest

  • National Goethe Museum and Goethe House
  • Goethe’s Gartenhaus
  • Schiller House and the Schiller Museum
  • Historical Cemetery with final resting place for Goethe, and Schiller’s coffin but without Schiller’s mortal remains
  • Ilm Park
  • Wittumspalais
  • Liszt Museum
  • Palace Museum
  • German National Theatre
  • Neues Museum Weimar
  • Bauhaus Museum
  • Main building of the Bauhaus University (planned by Henry van de Velde)
  • Buchenwald Memorial
  • Nietzsche Archiv
  • Schlossmuseum
  • Schloss Tiefurt
  • Schloss Kochberg
  • Schloss Belvedere
  • Eisenbahnmuseum Weimar (Train Museum)
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