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Sankt Wendel

St. Wendel is a municipality in northeastern Saarland. It is situated on the river Blies 36 km northeast of Saarbrücken, the capital of Saarland, and is named after Saint Wendelin of Trier. St. Wendel is situated on the river Blies west of the Bosenberg hill at an elevation of 938 feet (286 m). Its highest elevation is the Bosenberg hill at 1591 feet (485 m); the lowest is where the river Blies exits St. Wendel heading for Ottweiler at 853 feet (260 m).


  • City museum St. Wendel in the Mia Münster House – exhibits the works of an artist from St. Wendel named Mia Münster, plus various local artists
  • Missions- und völkerkundliches Museum of the Divine Word Missionaries
  • Heimatmuseum in the old town hall
  • Heimatmuseum in Dörrenbach. In this smallest village of St. Wendel Dörrenbach there is a museum documenting the everyday culture of the village and the way of living of former farming village residents.

Cultural projects

  • Street of Sculptures. In 1971 St. Wendel’s sculptor Leo Kornbrust initiated the International Sculpture Symposium St. Wendel, now well-known throughout Europe, which brought forth numerous huge stone sculptures by different international artists. In 1979 the sculptures were arranged along 25 kilometers of the Saarland hiking trail from St. Wendel to Lake Bostal.
  • Wendelswoche (Wendels week). Since the beginning of the 11th century many believers have pilgrimaged to the grave of Wendelin in the Wendalinusbasilica at the beginning of October.
  • Oster- und Weihnachtsmarkt (Easter and Christmas markets).
  • WND JAZZ. Once a year an international jazz festival takes place whose specialty is a meeting of the local and the international jazz scenes.
  • Internationaler Wettbewerb der Straßenzauberer (International competition of street magicians).



  • Wendalinusbasilica
  • Wendels chappel (1755)
  • Mia-Münster-House
  • Fruchtmarkt (“fruit market”)
  • Mission building of Divine Word Missionaries
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