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Mariensäule – St Mary’s Column

St Mary’s Column – Mariensäule – towers over the city of Trier from the highest point of the sandstone hill of the Markusberg on the west side of the Mosel River. The crowned statue of St Mary, standing on a pillar 40 metres (130ft) high, has been located here since 1860. The Statue of St Mary was erected with donations from the people of Trier and was dedicated in 1866. The statue is a symbol of the self assertion of the Catholic population of Trier against the Protestant Prussian state. In the spring of 2007 the monument was covered with scaffolding as it was renovated, after completion of the works it was re-consecrated by Bishop Reinhard Marx on 14th September 2007. The Statue shines out like a beacon, which can be seen from far afield, each evening. Illumination of the Mariensäule can be privately funded for an evening in memory of a loved one. There is a spiral staircase inside the substructure which leads to a viewing platform for visitors but following an accident in 1905 it is no longer accessible. The column is a popular attraction because of the panoramic views it offers over Trier and the Mosel Valley. About twenty meters below the Marian column you will find a bus stop and car park.

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