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House of the Three Magi – Dreikönigenhaus

House of the Three Magi – Dreikönigenhaus – situated along Simeonstra?e Trier, is an unusual house whose colours seem almost oriental. This house has had this name since the 17th century. The original house was built in the early 13th century – a mix between Romanesque and Gothic. Sadly due to major damage the house is, now mainly reconstruction and can only be viewed from the outside. Many periods of war, especially the Second World War, destroyed much of the inner city and its historic buildings, many of which were not rebuilt until the 1970s. One of the fascinating features of the Dreikönigenhaus is the main front door, it has one but on the first floor so one can only wonder how people entered, probably with a foldable ladder. There are now doors on the ground floor but these lead into a cafe and bakery.

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