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Electoral Palace, Trier

The Rococo facade of the Electoral Palace in Trier was commissioned by the Archbishop and elector of Trier Johann Philipp von Walderdorff in the 18th century. The gable of the Palace features classical gods and mythological figures. The beautiful gardens at the front of the Palace are perfectly laid out with statues lining the sides of the well manicured lawns which lead up towards the Imperial Baths and the Rheinish State Museum.

The vast structure of the Constantine Basilica can be seen rising high above the Electoral Palace from the far end of the gardens. The Electoral Palace in Trier is considered to be one of the most beautiful Rococo Palaces in the world. The princely staircase is a perfect rococo composition and reveals the splendour that the Electors and Archbishops lived in. On occasion, concerts are performed in the Grand Chamber of the rococo wing or summer open-air concerts in the courtyard.

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