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Church of Our Lady – Liebfrauen Basilica

The 13th Century Gothic style Church of Our Lady – Liebfrauenkirche – is separated from Trier Cathedral only by a narrow passageway. Building began in 1235 and construction was completed in 1260, it was built on the southern section of the Roman double church and is a single nave building. The entrance of the Church of Our Lady with its sculptural ornamentation shows scenes from the Old Testament and the Annunciation.

Motto of the church of Our Lady following the restoration works was “Let the Rose Bloom fresh again” and without doubt the “Rose” certainly is blossoming in all her beauty.

In 1951 the sanctuary was redesigned and the altar placed in the centre of the church after which it was designated a Basilica Minor by the Pope and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986. The Church of Our Lady is also one of the oldest Gothic churches in Germany, the only other being the Elisabeth Church in Marburg. The interior is designed in the shape of a Greek cross and the whole structure is supported by 12 round columns. The interior is bathed in sunlight which streams in through the tall stained glass windows whose colours dart across the walls of the church. There was quite a lot of restoration work which had to be undertaken after damage was sustained during the war. The church also contains several tombs of notable persons.

The stations of the cross are unusual, not statues but small pictures hanging on the walls and pillars around the church, they are all the same colours, a wonderful clear blue all edged with gold, they are exquisite. The church also contains a number of paintings and statues. At one of the side altars there is a statue of Christ sitting in reflection with a very sad expression. The side altar on the opposite side contains the remains of a local nobleman. Standing on a marked spot ( a black stone), within the church one is able to see the statues of the twelve apostles on the twelve pillars symbolically bearing the weight of the church. At the rear of the Church of Our Lady, and of the Cathedral are the Cloisters, and it is from here that the most beautiful view of the buildings is to be had. Along the cloister walls are panels which give the history of the buildings.

Opening times : April to October 08.00-18.00

November to March 08.00-17.30

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